We Come In So Many Shades - But Why Is This So Negative Now?

When I was younger I was tormented in school because of my darker skin color. People are so stupid these days. We should be proud to be a race of many colors. I hate the fact that-When you ask a light skinned person..."What color are you?" They say "I'm a yella or caramel." WTF is a yella?? Is that even in the dictionary? It doesn't matter-you are African American! There are so many guys who are black as night but won't go out with a girl because she's brown skinned or dark skinned and their mom's and sisters are dark. How would they feel if their moms and sisters were considered ugly by other men because of their skin color? It's ridiculous. I even have some light skinned friends who think they are superior to me because I am darker than they are. I can't even go out with them because they hate when guys give me attention.  I bet you won't ever catch a white man saying this about white women- "Oh, I will never date her because she's too tan." At least I've never heard any. And people try to criticize me because I haven't dated inside my race for at least 3 years. It's because (especially down south-Thanks to our "music") some men will not date a girl if she is dark skinned. It disgusts me. Our people have been complaining since slavery time about being put into boxes and catergories. Slave owners used to favor light skinned people more than they did dark skinned people. And here we are.....2008 and we're doing the same thing.


Shonda Shonda
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8 Responses Jan 16, 2008

My first novel (Beax Rivers' Silver: Currents of Change) is about a light-skinned black girl who is teased by blacks and whites because she looks white. Her story may be the opposite of yours. She goes to college, to a black school, and she wants to fit in, so she becomes "the blackest black chick you could ever meet." So she becomes the angry fighter of justice for her people, and that's how she fits in. She hates whites, because she believes they're to blame for how she looks. Well, her attitude gets her a lot of listeners for her radio show on the campus station. Anyway, she is smart, driven, and very popular. By the time she's a senior, she wins an internship at a magazine owned and published by a billionaire--a young white man. He falls for her, but she can't fall for him--he's WHITE! It's a perfect storm for a romance novel. $3.99 for the e-book on Amazon. www.beaxrivers.com.

mabey you are dealing with people who does not (Love themselves) by thinking that way, when I was A child, people were trying to get away from that type of thinking, I'm in my 70s and I don't refer to my race by skin color..Doing the 60s That really sealed the deal for me Black is Beautiful was the lesson I truely learned.. We have all been victums of society because of our Hearative...Let us LOVE US ... We all have ONE thing in Comman, ( THAT IS EXPERANCES AS AN AFRICAN)...

Me, myself I am a dark skinned (coco), but have gotten plenty of compliments that I am a pretty black women, even by women in their 70's,because the shade tone of my skin. Just one thing to remember beauty is only skin deep. Color does not make you. Your personality does.

I understand what you mean. My best friend Tanja was constantly teased and rejected by black kids at school. It was actually kind of opposite for her though she was light skinned so the black children would tell her she wasn't black enough. It hurt her a lot. Her mom was German and her father black. I don't know why people are so cruel. Fear possibly just not knowing where to vent their anger so they pick an easy target. I'm sorry you are going through this.


I fail to understand this even though I know that it exists for dark skinned and very light skinned black people. I am brown skinned (medium, I suppose) and admire black people with dark skin. I, personally, find that very attractive. In fact, stepping on on a ledge here, I think "we' should all be dark skinned because I think that's the way it was meant to be.

No, I haven't read that book. I'll have to check that out. I'm sure it'll be VERY interesting. Thanks!

I hear you..... sort of. I used to get my a** tore the f*** up back in public schools because I looked white. F***ing sucks, especially when others know you're actually black. Sucks..... wait..... I don't think mine is as bad as yours..... damn. My ba... you know, I'm just going to go now. (Lucifer walks with head down, walks into wall.)