This Is My Story Part 2

Because I don't want to bore you about what happened between the ages of 10 and 15, I'll just tell you in a nutshell.  Basically Mom got drunk stupid about 5 days out of 7.  She did take good care of me in between bottles.  I had to learn a lot about being a young girl on my own.  I had my first real boyfriend at 15.  He was 19.  That didn't last too long as he complained that I was a bit too bossy.  Hmmm, I wondered why?  To say the least, he left for his pregnant girlfriend, because I wanted to remain innocent. He was seeing her all along.  They're still married today.  I kept a diary of my life for years after that.

At that point in my life after the breakup, I was crushed.  I got over that by getting another boyfriend who ended up cheating on me too.  Go figure.  By the age of 19, I was done.  I had had my share of boyfriends and decided to go to college.  I had left life as I knew it with my alcoholic mom, my dad who didn't claim me and my cheating ex-boyfriend.  Why did everyone seem to hate me?  That's what I was thinking, so I carried on to please me.

I ended up meeting a lot of interesting people away in school.  Some liked me, some hated my guts.  But I grew from that experience.  It was totally different than living with Mom.  I was gone until the age of 23, never graduated, got kicked out of school because of grades and didn't go back.  I left the area, to return home to Mom for the second time.  The first time I came back home, I had fell in love.  It was so sweet, but our mothers hated one another.  So I ended up breaking his heart, going back to the town I went to college in, for him to break mine later in the years to get married.  I got over that.  But he didn't.

After I came back home for the final time at the age of 23, that entered me into a string of apartments, jobs, boyfriends, and being able to not save any money.  Up until now.  I am a 38 year old Mom of a 19 month old going on 5 year old daughter, with her dad of almost five years.  I have dogding layoffs at my job for five years. Still unable to save any money, but I can say that I feel  successful aan blessed.  Thank you for your time, for my story.  It would've been longer but I wanted to make it short and sweet.
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It looks like you've decided that you wont be anything like your mother. Is this true?

Nothing like her at all. Her mom didn't care too much for her because she was her Dad's favorite. They were all drinkers. I never touched the stuff.

Live is not always easy I have not had it easy but I have learn to enjoy what I have. Yes, U are very blessed and always remember that.One day U will look back and where to time want.My daughter is 21 now I had her in school.We made it I was blessed she did have her father in her life.I married my sons father but,it was no working after 12yr together I decided to call it quit we split up.My life is been very happy from that day until now.I'm 38yr old the last3yr has been the best yrs of my life I can be who I want to be....I have a nice man in my live.I learned to be happy with myself I have meet some dear friend and I have met foe.....with that said just love yourself and your kids because that is all U will have when it is all said and done.PEACE,LOVE,HAPPINESS!

Thanks and I have found out that I loved myself long throughout mom's ordeal. She's been sober now almost 8 years.