I Detest Lil Wayne

I DETEST  THE MUSICIAN  RAPPER  LIL WAYNE! Why? because of his recent comments or should I say put downs of Darker skinned African American women, he said he didn't even want dark skinned girls in his music videos he preferred lighter skinned  or RED BONE chicks in his videos and in his private company. OH THE ANGER I HAVE FOR BLACK MEN LIKE HIM THAT STAND BEFORE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND WORST YET STANDS BEFORE A COUNTRY WITH TANGLED WITH RACISM AGAINST BLACK WOMEN AND MEN. Racism hasn't disappeared just because we have a black President  we still have a long way to go in this country when it comes to race matters.
Any of you that have read enough African American history , should be very familiar with how black people have been portrayed by whites for the past 4 centuries. Unless there was a bi-racial element to blacks which was light skin, straight hair and keen Caucasian facial features they were considered ugly. Take some time and research online and see how we were portrayed in American art, advertising and in the early days of the movies etc. What you would see is degrading. Just think if it wasn't for the the civil rights era whites would still try to pull some of this demeaning of blacks off in the fine arts advertising and media. LIL Wayne isn't a fool about black history whatever his feelings is about his preference for lighter skin black women he should stand in private and tell his friends DON'T STAND IN FRONT OF A COUNTRY STILL THRIVING IN RACISM. AND PUT DOWN HIS RACE. DARK SKIN WOMEN HELPED TO MAKE HIM RICH BUT SINCE" THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG", AND HE THINKS DARK SKINNED GIRLS ARE UGLY I SUGGEST TO DARK GIRLS DON'T BUY HIS DAMN MUSIC LET THE RED BONES FILL HIS BANK AND HIS BED LEAVE THE PUNK ALONE. HE ISN'T WORTH IT SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TREAT YOURSELVES. HE'S NOT THAT GREAT AS AN ARTIST HE'S NO MICHAEL JACKSON! BY THE WAY DIDN'T  MICHAEL LOVE AND HONOR ALL BLACK LADIES?  SO THAT'S MY GRIPE. REMEMBER YOU ARE BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL. NOW AND FOREVER.

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What happened to hip hop about life anyway? Now it's all about cars and crap

my husband showed me his and others comments about us, including tyrese, kevin hart and neyo. i have boycotted all of them. just recently i was at a concert featuring tyrese (thank God he came out on the end). i walked out on that dude's performance!!

It's good that you do carry out some form of protest you are a good candidate for a social activist. If more people would follow your course of action perhaps these jokers would get the message I know I maybe be repeating a train of thought like parrot but I have to still give a lot of credit to Michael Jackson he never demeaned dark skinned Black ladies in public and some of the world's most beautiful dark skinned ladies were featured in his music videos he loved all black women from ivory complexion to ebony brown it's too bad this new generation of singers and rappers don't study and follow his example. They are pitiful pitiful.

Any more ink on his face and he will be to dark for his own videos.

Lil' Wayne is an ignorant douchebag. I never liked his music, and realized I never liked HIM after he said that the events of Hurricane Katrina (I think) didn't bother him at all. A man idolized by thousands of people who can't even show basic human compassion. Piece of garbage now and forever in my eyes. It's hardly surprising that a man who lines up women like racks of meat to be picked up at his leisure in his music videos would be disparaging to dark skinned women. He doesn't do anything to espouse love of blackness; just egregious love of money and excess. The women are irrelevant, just another show of what he can buyout with the money of his ignorant fans.

I agree with all you said, you know something else, maybe the ultimate punishment for Lil Wayne is the fact he will be just a footnote in music history.Maybe in his mind he is a great artist, but time will prove him wrong.I wouldn't surprised some distant day we turn on the radio and hear much of his music being played on the Forgotten Oldies Show.So much for him! it will serve him right!

You are taking his preference out of context. Is a white man racist when he prefers blond over brunette ? Black people are hypersensative.

I've never understood rappers like that who only like lightskin females in their videos. It's so ignorant and most of the time, they are darker skin individuals themselves. Beauty can be any skin color or tone, it's not just limited to lightskin people.

Thank you for this. My son and I listen to him. I was unaware of his negative statements. I will boycott his music, and delete all the songs I've downloaded by him.

Thank you for making the decision to boycott his music. That is the best lesson for him, after all dark skinned women are followers of his music. The mansion he lives in, the expensive cars he drives, the wealthy lifestyle he lives in general can be attributed to the millions of dark skinned black girls who spend their hard earned money on his rap.I will say this once more people may have said Micheal Jackson was a bit odd. But give him credit! he always respected Black women. If you go back in time to his greatest video " Thriller" the young lady who played opposite of him in that clip was a very pretty brown skinned girl. Micheal had the full color range of Black ladies in his music videos he never stood in public and spoke ill or made fun of dark skinned black girls he loved all of them from ivory color to rich dark brown.He had a life long crush on Diana Ross Diana has a nut brown complexion.He gave total respect to all black ladies, something younger black male artists like Lil Wayne don't know how to do.What an awful role model he is for younger boys and can you imagine the ones who admire him and are planning to enter the world of entertainment? Heaven help us all!

I completely agree with you. Lil Wayne has the nerve to insult dark-skinned women, despite him being just about as dark as it gets. This kind of praise of the non-black beauty ideals is disgusting, and seems to be prevalent with a lot of these young black male entertainers. All the money in the world could never make Lil Wayne into anything even close to being descent, just a damn embarrassment.

Thank you and you know something? Lil Wayne and other Black male entertainers that are mentally twisted with color complexes sure could learn a lot from Barack Obama. He married a beautiful and intelligent brown skinned woman Michelle.I don't know if you watched the program The View shortly after Obama became President. Whoppi Goldberg and her show panel had nothing but glowing praises about him choosing a dark skinned Black woman because most of the time when Black men enter the limelight they chose lighter skinned Black women. There are videos on youtube that also compliment President Obama on his choice of a dark skin wife. I love to see the two of them together. You can see the love he has for her it shines through his eyes. Yes any black man that stands out in the public and talk about black women in a negative way doesn't need our support either. They are so stupid and don't realize the younger boys are taking in everything that they say about Black ladies and many of them may even mimic their beliefs if they are loyal fans. Lil Wayne doesn't need our financial support if he has these type of feelings.Thanks again for your opinion.

Lil Wayne is obviously a product of his American upbringing. He is not the only black man who feels this way. In fact, it took me a really long time to accept myself as a dark skinned beauty. In my school books Africans were all dark, naked, and nappy headed. I did not want to be associated with that image but I always was when in the presence of my very light skinned cousins or white people at school. <br />
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Don't despise little Wayne for his comments. He just fell into the trap. They want us to self- hate so we can continue to kill ourselves with drugs, violence, and alcohol. Just pray for him.

Thank you for your comment you have more patience and less temper than I. No he's not the only like that but he is the only one that has been that open in the public and that negative it already is difficult for darker skinned women in this country and what he did is very ignorant. I could go into a long and wild tirade on this subject but I will try to be nice for once, simply because you said just pray for him You are a good one. Take care of yourself and God Bless.

Iman, jill Scott, Lauren hill...these women are so beautiful ... that dude is an idiot, I like quite a few of his songs, but I am usually never really into the artist as I am their art...

Thank you for your comment yes the women you named are beautiful. Remember when Iman was in Michael Jackson's music video, "Remember the time"? she played the role of Queen Nefertiti. She was perfect for the part. Michael Jackson never stood in public and demeaned African American women and through the years when they were cast in his video we saw the full color hue range from light to dark shades. Lil Wayne I can't believe him, his mouth will be his down fall in time. To tell you the truth we don't need his kind he is a terrible role model for young people. Thanks again for your comment.