I Will Always Honor Barack Obama

It was about this time 4 years ago that Barack Obama had began to stand in the forefront in the race for the White House. I remember during the winter of 2008 one of my co-worker's said" Oh he's not going to win because he's black they will never let a black man in the White House!" well I said, I don't agree with you if Obama loses it because he's running against Hillary Clinton and you know the Clinton's still carry immense popularity. Black Americans really admired them when they were in the White House. The public knows more about the Clintons' too. Barack Obama  appeared out of nowhere, it's going to be a tough run for him. No, my friend firmly said they will never let a black man be President.
 But when November came didn't Obama put the doubters in place.You can't imagine the thrill I felt on election night, especially when he walked out on that platform in Chicago as President Elect. It was a triumph and the beginning of a new age in Black history. It was also an honor once again to see a Black man during a defining moment in Black History the last time I felt a tingle and joy pace through my body was when I was a little girl watching Martin Luther King giving his legendary speech I have a Dream in Washington D.C. as tiny as I was i knew something special was happening all around me.
On that night in November 2008 as a grown up that tingle returned as Barack Obama spoke.The past 4 years many people have criticized him for not being attentive enough to issues troubling Africa America. But I think he has tried to do his best for all us.We  must remember he came in at time the U.S. was on the verge of a depression he inherited a big job. I still say he did his best.
We must remember no matter what happens this November whether he wins or loses.
This man is the golden bridge that opened, so many more Black men and women who are brilliant and talented not only in the fields of politics but other fields of endeavors will  cross into American History. Imagine the thousands of young Black children who will remember his courage and drive which landed him in The White House as the first African American President, they will remember and reach for the stars and become great achievers. So praise him now and someday when you see a great Black theoretical scientist or Researcher  who may find cures for diseases like cancer or aids. Think back to a man named Barack who gave them the courage to dream mega dreams and fight to the end to make them a reality. Yes remember in this wonderful Age Of Obama a titan of man  that paved the way.
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May 23, 2012