The Skin Tone Battle

I'm proud to be an African American, but there is something that I am not proud of that we as a people do. The whole light skin, brown skin, dark skin battle is ridiculous. Why do we need to hate one another over skin tone? It's so ignorant. Whether you're light, brown, or dark skinned, you have beautiful skin and our skin color doesn't define us or makes us any more attractive than another :)
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The skin tone battle started only a four hundred years ago and it has spread all over the world, by you-know-who. In India, it is evident in their movies. In Saudi Arabia, the ruling family lightened their tone over two generations by marrying European women. In Far-east Asia, bleaching creams are used by women if that Black Asian ancestral gene pops out in their skin tone.

Hell yeah so true. Being dark toned and bald isn't the only beautiful man for goodness sake

Shadism is probably even a more ignorant form of racism ...

All skin tones are beautiful. I love the fair just as much as the dark. Look at Alek Wek, for example. Dark and absolutely lovely. Anybody who says her skin isn't beautiful is liable to earn a few choice words from me. Likewise, one of my longtime crushes was what's often referred to as 'high yellow.' The beautiful variation seen in black skin (and of all humanity in general) all serves as an example of the wonders of human adaptation to various environments, and a testament to the numerous genes that control skin color. <br />
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It's sad, petty cultural holdovers that make people still think skin color is an issue. It's up to all of us to make that sentiment a problem of the past.

I agree

i am dark skinned and guys from my school have whispered about me through people that they won't date me or any girls that are dark skinned and they feel that the color is ugly and everytime in school i will see them chasing light skinned girls and the guys are dark skinned and it amazes me how they would say this, what i do is just shake at their ignorance. it's so repulsive the way they think towards women

Yes that is very ignorant of them. It seems like a lot of darker akin guys tend to do that too and it's like well y'all are dark too so what's the problem with dating someone the samr color as you? Sorry you had to go through that :(

There used to be so much of that while I was in school. I've been away from it for so long, I had honestly forgotten about that nonsense. Anyone that narrow-minded will never be able to see genuine beauty across all ethnicities, cultures, and lineage. There is absolutely no such thing as "light/medium/dark" skin among what is termed the "african american" race. I was thinking just yesterday (I was looking at interracial wedding photos) about my own misconceptions: I saw a photo of a beautiful bride, of who I thought was african american, because she "looked" like it... She wasn't african or american at all, she was 100% indian, punjabi and another indian background that I can't remember. Another one on the same website, what I thought was an african american male, was in fact half cuban and half hispanic... There is no such thing as judging people by their skin tone, it's an absolute shot in the dark.

Exactly, you've made a good point too :)

You know what? I think you were referring to something entirely different than what I was thinking about. I think you meant the "self-haters", no? I've met a few of them in the past. I feel like (and this is probably biased too, but..) if I see someone who is similar to me (and that accounts for light/medium/dark and in between), or has any of my features, I look for a connection... I'm not trying to divide. I don't understand where this self-hate comes from, if you don't like brown skin, you don't like yourself, bottom line.

Self hate and what you als mentioned earlier was great too :) and yes when people discrimnate against someone who is the same skin tone as them, it urks my nerves. I'm not a light skinned person either, but I'm fine with it and I would never try to knock someone for them being lighter skinned than me or darker.

I agree. I am tired of people coming up to me asking me "What are you mixed with?" Really?! Oh brother. I get comments like, "You're mixed with Indian or something aren't you? Are you really a black person? You have 'good' hair. What race are you really?" I just look at them and say Human and then I walk away. Skin tone discrimination is the worst. It divides people as a whole. It is shameful.

Yes! I have the same thing happen to me. I mean im not like light skinned or anything but i guess my skin color is a little unique and people like my hair so they think I'm like Native American or from India, sometimes people think I'm Hispanic. Even black people. I had a group of friends who didn't even know that i was black and they were black. They were like you are black? Oh your skin just looks so different. I was like wtf?