In The South: I Am African-American

  In the South: I Am African-American, it is slightly one of the most confusing things to go through.  I'm living in N.C., (none of the more Native-American parts of the state).  There is a slight struggle to who should black men/guys befriend more..not only with other ethnic groups, but, to befriend dred heads, or non-dred heads.  Men with dreds, or who wear different stripes/plaid, question any other black guy, (like anyone else), to make sure he's not, 'on the d-low,' but, I can relate to them, when it comes to not getting a job as fast as someone who never had both ears pierced.   With the grace of God, and prayer, one can get a job just as fast as anyone else.  Plus, there are somewhat always people watching for how a black man/black teen boy is going to walk, speak, or do pretty much anything.  If he's unemployed, and happens to be walking, he almost betta' watch out, (if he has or doesn't have something to hide). I don't have nothin' to hide. I ain't bisexual, gay, or whateva', one may try to see, prying into my business.  As far as I'm concerned, this watch on black guys, kicked up a notch in the 80's. Well, slightly during the time that I was not even around. Then it got slightly worse in the 90's.  After that, it kicked up notches, after Donnie Mclurkin came out with his books. Literally, 'came out,' and told all of his life stories.  Well, what had happened for him to become gay, and how he conquered over those lifestyles. Plus, because that one man came out with that book, 'On the D-Low.'  I'm not complaining, that they came out with those books, simply those things had happened.
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I non-cockily thank God, that I am standing up, oh finally saying, 'I am not trash.' So, okay, one person here or there may think that I just need to dress a little more mature. I may just do that, 'cause I am almost tired of thinking, 'This or that person thinks that I am almost trash, for assuming that I am something besides straight.' A person could be looking at what I'm wearing, and make a kind of rude gesture, not even see me walk. Yet, kindly, it's time for a slight change. Even if the change is mostly with what I'm thinking, when the rude gestures come along. I'll change a few ways, that I dress too.