Am Not Ashamed to Be Who I Am

 Although there are times I feel alone, I accept who I am as an individual, independent of what others think of me. I am not ashamed of being African American simply because I AM NOT ASHAMED OF BEING ME!!

I am not ashamed of being male because, for example, some other males disrespect women. I'm perfectly content with the fact that I respect women and encourage others to do the same.

I am not ashamed of being American because, for example, some Americans do things I may disagree with.

There are many things about me that I am not ashamed of and when combined makes me unique. My skin color is one out of many attributes I have and being African American is one of them  Thus, I am not ashamed of being African American because I am not ashamed of being me.


Tummie Tummie
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Thank you Welsh :)

To be honest Tummie, my young friend! i think you have said it all beautifully! :-) Your personality shines thriough the computer screen beautifully! and i am proud to be able to call you my friend!!! :-)

thanks jiggyrainbow :)

Nicely put together, stay proud Bro.

You're welcome and thank you bluebird :)

All the above comments are spirtual, therefore TRUE..<br />
Connecting on a deeper leval is something to strive for..<br />
Thanks again...

"we are all images of GOD and we all should be representing and honoring him by dishonoring racism." I agree 100% :)


yeah tum. that kind of power is scary. hehehehe

Aww *blushes* :)

See, Tum, you are so great that you can even make bcj and the Spooky One agree! hehe

Thank you both bcj and sharingiscaring :)

well done tum. <br><br />
<br><br />
one has only arrived when one can be strong enough to get on with one's life irrespective of what others think (notwithstanding laws and social norms etc. within context). In simple English **** 'em.<br><br />
<br><br />
i have walked with 50 year olds who are neurotic messes because they are so very concerned about what other neurotic messes might think. So much so, that they don't truly LIVE.<br><br />
<br><br />
O Spooky One - I actually think that I agree with you for a change.<br><br />
<br><br />

Yeah! I almost forgot about this story LOL. (((((datura)))) And thank you again :)

Wow, Tummie! Almost a year since you wrote this story, and you have proved yourself to be someone I am so glad to know, over and over during that year.<br />
<br />
You deserve to be very proud of who you are. (((TUM)))

Thanx Torchic :)

Thanx Torchic :)

Ha.. thanks, MDH. Glad you liked what I had to say. Hope everyone's feelin' 'groovy', lol :)

Thanks ModernDayHippie :)

Nicely said...

Namaste. Peace and light.. :)

I'm starting to believe also Dee and Datura. And thanks LBC!

Datura.. I'm becoming a big believer in just that.. drawing ourselves to each other.. I cannot believe how many like-minded people I've met here on EP.. I don't feel so alone in the world, anymore!!

Dee and Gem--I feel the same way about you! And I believe that by our similar beliefs and vibrations we have actually drawn ourselves to each other!

As am I to have met both of you :)

Thanks Dee67 and Datura :) I feel so relieved to have met people to confirm how I perceive personal identification and growth. I'm so lucky to have met both of you here on EP

"I accept who I am as an individual, independent of what others think of me."<br />
<br />
Wayne Dyers often speaks in his books of the value and importance of learning to live" independent of the good opinion of others". It is such an important lesson to learn in life--to base our words and actions on what we know to be true, not just to please others and have them like us.<br />
Many people never understand and incorporate this lesson in their lives. I am so glad you have already, Gem.

Wonderful, Gem. Part of personal growth is to accept ourselves fully for exactly who we are. However, I have learned through my spiritual journey that we wrongly identify our roles in society as being 'who we are'. We think of ourselves in terms of gender and relationship roles (son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, father, mother etc), skin color and race, religious and cultural group, occupation, activist or volunteer roles, leisure groups... These identifications are only surface ones, though. This is what we 'do' and how we 'appear', not who we really ARE. Our true identities are found within, in the 'person' we are inside.. our inner essence. If we could realize this more, then outer appearances become less important and perhaps we could learn to connect with one another on a deeper level. That's one thing I love about EP.. connections are made in such a way that outer appearance has very little or nothing to do with it.. it allows the inner essence to shine through more easily. At least that's what I am finding :)