Dont Take Things For Granted:

Good Morning I was just reading about the tornado's that hit several parts of New York New Hampshire and Rhode Island and a few other places I said here I am sitting up here mad like always because its only 10:38 and I am tired I have a handicapped 19 year old daughter so mornings days can be rough.

But when I started reading the stories so many with power I said stop right now and thank God which I do in my own way each and every day no telling how long those without power will get it back there goes there food etc and those that have nobody to go to and stay Lord Lord I know they will have places but thats nothing like home, some people hate to say it don't to me know what hard times are and to me those are the ones that will crumble when the going gets tough.

Take me for instance I did not ask Brittany to be born with Downe's Syndrome then last year in March she started with suendo seizures which took me a while to except as she is nearing her last year of school and I am crying typing I am not going to be no good closer her graduation gets its been a long hard journey for us both yes I have families help when they can all the school staff we deal with her one on one aide who we both dearly love and will walk her down the aisle plus many more.

So I say to all my EP members you say every time you can think of it to your husband, boyfriends, girlfriends aunts uncles parents etc I love you thank him for that food in the fridge lights etc thats God you thank because you never know and those of you sometimes I feel I do the take granted thing to but I come back to my senses just like now I do not know if any of you live in any of these states on here have family are not but if you my prayers are with you.

I would like replies to my story Please share what you have been through you like you thought you would not get over my daughter is my biggest story me being a single parent her dad is distant every blue moon may come around long story again I wont to see replies to my story sorry so long but I had to let it be told and me being raised as a foster child got a good family did not have to be moved around I wrote a letter in 1979 and my mom won foster mom of the year it was a proud moment for us both.

She has since passed on as well as my foster dad
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Sep 9, 2012