I am not African-American, as in i'm from Africa. No, i am just black....i have never been ashamed to be black. But for some reason everyone seems to believe that i should be. That because im light-skinned, i should be trying to find out what other races i have in me, so that i can claim them instead. But i am not ashamed of my race.
I am not a stereotype. And i hate that those exist. It is frustrating to meet someone who only doesnt like you because you are black. But it is even more frustrating to be called an "oreo", because you dont fit what other people think black people should be like.
I listen to any type of music that i can find, dress kinda like a skater, cut my hair short, like tattoos and piercings, and hang out with people of all races. But i love my black roots. They make me who i am. And i dont plan on changing just because other people have certain views about black people.
I have never thought that people should be defined by their skin. Mine is black. And i will NEVER be ashamed of that.
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I'm keen in seeing how you look like after reading this. I personally think a bit darker girls can be very nice

Oh! Lol Well I'm actually light-skinned. I love all shades of the rainbow on skin, but my own is pretty light lol

yes thats true you are beautiful for what you are and thats nice to say we should be proud of what we are and never feel bad about it.

Thank you:)

your welcome ...and always think black is beautiful...

I do:) ...i think all races are beautiful..and it really shouldn't matter which one you belong long as you have your Pride..but having Pride shouldn't be an excuse to talk down any other races...if only we could live in Peace =