Ancestors Talk

The other evening, I dreamt I was in Africa. There was a large crowd of young girls. One girl appeared to be standing near a mechanism of sort made of glass and metal. She exclaimed to me that it was "ours." I could not see myself. However, it appeared that I was leaving the crowd and going somewhere. They discussing something. i began to leave the crowd. As I was leaving, one of the girls called out my name. i stopped. she said, "Wait. here's money for you." She reached out her hand and when she opened it, there were various beads and round and etched colorful stones, shells and hand pounded silver metals with intricate designs and a few with turquoise. I had never seen such beautiful stones before. The following day, I researched the Internet and discovered similar stones that were used in the African slave trade. I am a female and African-American. What does this dream mean?
maeshaw maeshaw
Dec 12, 2012