Almost Disowned, Yet Survived.

Non-cockily, I am one of those brown, lightly red skinned African-Americans.  Guys in my position, usually would get both of our ears pierced, with hair short/cut, or have no earrings and dreds/braids.  Well, in the South men in my position have to choose between satisfying however more whites, with Hawaiian fashion ideals, or being however more Urban with Rap, Hip-hop, or Punk ways.  I had chosen the Hawaiian way, so that I would not have to wear a right sided ear piercing.  I slightly regret it. I was almost disowned.  An urban gay, had more respect than me.  People could sense, the way of a pattern I'd wear.  Certain people, especially African-Americans, would making rude coughing noises around me. I can read people, real well. I had to choose between dressing as I was, wearing no right earring, or being slightly more Urban, and open, (no offense:)). So, if I wear no earrings, I'll look fully, like a funky, black red neck. God, probably almost cain't have me, lying to people, 'cause I have both ears pierced.  So, one day, I went back to wearing two earrings.  I will continue wearing two.  Partly, 'cause I almost dislike Bruno Mars, and Usher.  But It's a blessing, that God forgives.  He forgives me for having cuttings, and feeling more comfortable around all kinds of African-Americans, for now deciding to be, less redneck-ish.

Turique Turique
22-25, M
3 Responses Dec 19, 2012

Yes, I am very confused. I live I the South. You need to just be yourself.

You're right, and I have gone back, to wearing one earring. I simply, tone down what print I'm wearing; that helps me feel like the redeemed Christian, I try to be. Not, try to be false with it, I ask for forgiveness, (whenever), if I have sinned.

What do you mean by satisfying Hawaiian fashion ideals?

Sorry, I forgot to answer this. Yet, I mean when a person wears Hawaiian prints. Bye.

Very really need to determine your identity apart from your local culture. It sound F*&^% up down there.