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The I Am Not Black Enough Rule

Okay so let me get this straight... If I listen to all kinds of music, I dress a certain way, I date outside my race, I talk proper, I have a small figure, I have good hair, I watch all kinds of movies, I don't wrap my hair up or wear curlers at night, I am not "ghetto".... This means that I am not "black enough"? Really? Who came up with this rule? Exactly when did this become an issue? Who said blacks have to live a certain lifestyle or like certain things in order to be "black enough"? Where is it written that blacks have to "act black" in order to be "black enough"?

What about ancestry DNA results? The proof is on the paper. Honestly, I don't understand why we have to give an explanation about what makes us "black enough". Should it really be anyone's business to discuss our background with anybody? I agree that we be proud of where we come from. But it shouldn't define us as far as who we are as human beings. We are all different.

This whole dark skinned, light skinned rival is getting old. Its a small world, people. You never know. We could be related. Why hate? It doesn't make sense to me. There is only one race we all have in common and that is human race. Who cares about the color of our skins? We are all people. Yes, color is beautiful. But we don't always look at its beauty. We are too busy pointing out what a person does or how they live their lives. And people are judged because of the color of their skin. When does it end? How about we all start by looking at the good of people. How about we start today? I am enough. We are all enough. Fine just the way we are. Nobody's perfect. And I am sure that if you look up African American/Black in the dictionary, it won't say anything about you have to listen to certain kinds of music, dress a certain way, talk a certain way, etc. Think about it. Lets discuss this.
CreoleItalianwoman CreoleItalianwoman 31-35, F 4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

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I hate the fact that we segregate ourselves and buy into the stereotypes that others have set for us, even down to actually wanting to "own" the epithet that others have used against us. I hate that we don't think our hair is "good" enough; I used to hear that comment from kids, too. My grandmother used to say, "if it covers your head, it's 'good' hair."

I love that "if it covers your head, its good hair". And I agree with everything you said. It seems we have to work harder than we need to in order to please each other when we really need to please are ourselves as individuals. Thank you for sharing.

I agree but who told you that you had Good Hair? What is that?

People I went to school with. I attended an all black school. And I was bullied because they didn't believe both my parents are black. I didn't mean to try to offend anyone if I did, I am sorry. But that was what I was constantly put down and bullied for. Like my comment below, I believe that healthy hair is good hair. It doesn't matter the texture. I also think that natural hair is good hair. When I was told in high school I had good hair, I didn't think my hair was all that good. But now that I have gone natural like many of us beautiful AA women, I do have good hair. Just like many of us.

Amen sister. We are all one human race. Checkmate to all the dumb ***** who say otherwise.

Thank you! Way to go, my friend

You bet. :)

Exactly, that is the same thing I find myself having to profess just to "prove myself." For the most part though, when my "blackness" is being question, it is by non-black individuals. Many people also seem to think being ghetto is synonymous with being black, it's ridiculous.

But even this word Ghetto is missed used to imply uneducated black people.

There is one thing I noticed that has not changed. Black people are always seen in a negative light no matter how educated they are. If you a black there has to be one negative thing about you that can be traced back to your blackness.

Ghetto refers to a place in a city where one ethnic group lives because of legal, social or economics status. It has nothing to do with being black. So if you find yourself using this term to refer to a black person due to how they behave then you are displaying your ignorance of the word as well as your desire to separate yourself from someone who resembles you.

The word "guetto" still don't make us who we are as individuals. Yes, I agree. Being ghetto has been used as a negative term. And you're right, the ghetto is a place where someone live. Its not up scale. But then blacks are being called and they call themselves "ghetto". Why? If the ghetto is a place that someone lives, then why are blacks most refered to as ghetto? Again, there is more to us(blacks) than the color of our skin.

It's interesting that "ghetto" has even come to be associated with blacks, considering that it was once virtually any poor ethnic neighbourhood.

All very good points there.

I never really thought about blacks being called "ghetto" and the ghetto being a poor place. Not until I posted this story. Its like the N word almost. The word was used in negative way. Then some blacks started using the word toward each other in a friendly sort of way. Honestly I don't get it myself.

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