Join The Battle Against Racial Intolerance

There is a website Ferris State University Jim Crow Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia it is a website build around a museum that displays  racially demeaning     very degrading to the point of being inhuman collectable     items from the present back to over a century. I re-visited their website for the latest news 3 days ago what caught my attention was a section titled "And it doesn't stop".. It's the latest collection of racist items being sold across the United States yes now in 2013 the so-called Post Racial era.I was bowled over by a photo of a "Jolly Obama Bank    a racially caricatured image of President Barack Obama in the form of a bank that resembles The Jolly Ni__ger Bank that was circulated and sold in the early 20th century in fact the creators of this bank "Admitted" they got the idea for the Obama bank from the Jolly Ni__ger Bank.The next disturbing photo was that of a Presidential wine holder once again Obama was the model of this object  it portrayed him lying flat on his back holding a wine bottle in his mouth that item too, was racist in content. Yes' it's 2013 but we still are suffering from the bigotry disease in America.Please visit this site and see the thousands of items collected the past 100 years caricaturing Blacks in the U.S. It covers the media , advertising, art, ceramic collectibles movies etc.The people who operate this museum hope that by showing how Blacks have been demeaned in every field endeavor it will make people realize the cruelty that lies in this actions and they will fight to eliminate racial   intolerance in this nation. Please in your spare time go to the site and make a special point to study all the categories. You'll will learn a lot. You won't regret one one moment. It's for all races to see if you want to eliminate racism you must have knowledge of it's roots. Please come back and post here what you have learned


orionnights orionnights
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Jan 10, 2013