African American history books are also survival guides for you and your family!

Black history is more than a book record names dates of notable people and events is also a handbook it helps you learn about cause and effect. And it  alsocan be a survival handbook.If you know the history of Africans Americans in this country the ordeals we bear during the Slave and Jim Crow era and having to live through the horrible ordeal of white racism. Then it is easier to cope with any negative situation that stems from bigotry.
Recently I was standing in the check out line at a local supermarket. I struck up a conversation with a Black lady, she began rely a very stunning story about her son. He had recently dropped out of an southern Indiana University and returned home he was only enrolled in the school for about 3 months. The lady and I live in an all black city her son went to a predominately white college in all white town. He had never had enough contact with whites to see how systemic racism operated against Blacks, so when he encountered it in southern Indiana it caught him by surprise and psychologically it knocked him over he didn't know how to handle it! It send him running back home. He asked his mother "Mama why do white people act like that? I didn't know they were that way!" If this nice Black lady had taken time  when her son was old enough to understand and taken him to the public library and checked out books about African American history from the slave and Jim Crow era and up until The Civil rights act was signed in 1964. If she had shown  photos and pictures of our struggles in the U.S. and tried to explain racism in America and honestly told him that he too would encounter this someday when he left his all Black city I bet he never would have returned to his home town when he came face to face with white racism.He would have known about the possibility of being tried by whites because of his race and he would have stayed enrolled in college.That's why black families should take time to educate their children with Black History It's more than a book of facts it's also a survival handbook Just remember that and then sit down and get busy with your black history books!

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Jan 12, 2013