"my Country 'tis Of Thee" ~ Abolitionist Verses (by A.g. Duncan, 1843)

My country, 'tis of thee,

Stronghold of slavery, of thee I sing;

Land where my fathers died,

Where men man’s rights deride,

From every mountainside thy deeds shall ring!

My native country, thee,

Where all men are born free, if white’s their skin;

I love thy hills and dales,

Thy mounts and pleasant vales;

But hate thy negro sales, as foulest sin.


Let wailing swell the breeze,

And ring from all the trees the black man’s wrong;

Let every tongue awake;

Let bond and free partake;

Let rocks their silence break, the sound prolong.


Our father’s God! to thee,

Author of Liberty, to thee we sing;

Soon may our land be bright,

With holy freedom’s right,

Protect us by thy might, Great God, our King.


It comes, the joyful day,

When tyranny’s proud sway, stern as the grave,

Shall to the ground be hurl’d,

And freedom’s flag, unfurl’d,

Shall wave throughout the world, O’er every slave.


Trump of glad jubilee!

Echo o’er land and sea freedom for all.

Let the glad tidings fly,

And every tribe reply,

“Glory to God on high,” at Slavery’s fall.
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6 Responses Jan 23, 2013

It bothers me that America is one of the many nations that was built and established by the "slavery business." When ppl compare immigration to slavery, that tells me that they don't know or understand the history or the circumstances of slavery. It amazes me how American don't acknowledge slavery as the foundation of this country. Free labor and mind control is always a benefit to the ones who benefited from it. It was a chosen ignorance to the new American that were looking for a way out of the controlling monarchy of Europe. The New Americans as I call the because they were new to this country that the called America. The new Americans wanted to start there own form of government and they all wanted to be treated like the kings and queens of Europe, so slavery was a way for them to feel superior over another being, To have servants. They used torture and fear to get control. I wasn't that African were weak, ignorant, less of a human being or stupid because most of them didn't fight back. African ppl were deprived by advance weapons and technology. Americans were to ignorant to understand that their lifestyles and African lifestyles were different, it didn't mean that Africans were dumbfounded. We were smart in our ways, heritage, and lifestyle. Americans brought millions of Africans across the world to tend to their land and families. Now that slavery is legal, even though slavery still exist today. I believe that the American race will not exist forever. Slavery happen for a reason that only God understand. The brown skin race will never die out, we are just slowly evolving into something much bigger than life itself. Africans have survived slavery to populated the world with our DNA pigments.... That's what I believe...

Hello, I'm new to EP, and just reading this post.... I have never heard this before.. I remember sing the other version in elem school, and learn about slavery in social studies class. I asked my 4th grade teacher howcome the song sings about being free, and black people were not free, was this song not meant for all ppl in America? She told me slavery was a business deal. She never gave me a clear answer.

Wow. Good. Never heard this before.

Thank you for sharing.But look! you have an African American president,is not that progress? Even ten years ago would anyone have believed or thought this would happen? He is trying very hard against great opposition to bring reforms to help the underprivileged,he has been reelected and this say something about the change of heart and beliefs in America,for change to occur people have to evolve, it must happen IN THEIR HEARTS and it is happening even if the progress is slow and harduous.Take care.


I keep on wondering if I was alive in antebellum America, would I have the strength of character to work in making the promise of our Democracy a reality for all people? How would I treat the native peoples? But, because I never had to make those choices, I can only work in the present to resist social and economic inequalities when I can, and especially at the ballot box. But, sometimes I feel like I am left howling in the wilderness.