I Would Like To Visit Africa O...

I would like to visit Africa one day, though.
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I've had the great opportunity to visit West Africa. My first stop was in the country of Burkina Faso, secondly Ghana. It was truly a experience I think anyone would love. I hope you get the opportunity to live out your dream to visit Africa

While we are on Africa, let's not forget its a continent, You will love to go to Africa, Africa is the world's second-largest and second most-populous continent, So in this Big continent where in Africa do you want to visit. I am from Sierra Leone. West Africa, then there is East, North and South Africa and each one of these have several countries under neath them, so this is My question to You what part of Africa would YOU like to visit?

I wanna go anywhere you going?

i'm originally from Kenya so I can tell you that the beauty is not overated! I miss home so much i'll be going next year though....so excited! I would also love to visit Zanzibar

Thanks, I appreciate your comment, very much, No I will keep an open mind about going to the Mother Land..:-)

Sorry, for the sickness. I wish you well in health!Sickness can be a hindrance to many things in life but God heals our infirmities by His stripes. I pray for peace and good health to your body. May you get over the situation soon. I hope your desire of visiting Africa sometime would get through when you feel better. God loves you, dear lady!<br />
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Best regards

Oh Africa sound just wonderful. I have dreamed all my life about going to Africa, but due to my age and my illiness, I don't think I'll be able to go, thanks for sharing about Africa, and its beauty...

Africa is a real beautiful country with hospitable people, serene attraction sites and diverse wildlife. I mean it is the place to be. I can organise for a group visit to the famous Kenyan Coast! You only need to inform me to do all the organisation. Maybe interested people can make a start.

probably the most beautiful place in the world