400 Years Free

We was general & politicians before Obama’s office
Before slavery, during & after; we had the knowledge
Organized how we frolic

What happened? How to break a man, Willy Lynch & friends way back when
Ya’ll don’t want to hear it ‘cause they endured it but then again that was then
Forget the past, it’s headed nowhere fast is all they say
Can’t even get an apology fixed system stealing all of me to maintain

No one owes me anything but my family hurt from earning zero from work-
-400 years free!
Can you hear me yet? In turn, I’m pacified from the first to the fifteenth

Thee elite men & women making victims out of a million people
Believing this’ a democracy, its hypocrisy & they evil; they see through
& when he sees you free your mind, the slanderers make life a fight
But times running high like high tides just feel the vibe
Not the lies; either you pray or not, even I forgot at times who got this

A lot of you out there unaware it’s your subconscious saying stop this
Please change topic but I need to get this off my chest
Don’t need or desire love to handle ‘cause I hold my candle higher than the rest
Sufri84 Sufri84
31-35, M
1 Response Jun 11, 2013

I'm an old white guy, just struggling to get by. Haven't got much left to give, any more, in activism or any other way. But my heart goes out to you, and I'm glad to hear your voice.