I am neither African nor American but I can't help but admire and appreciate the African American community for their strength, patience and wisdom. Reading their history and all the hardships they've faced always brings tears to my eyes. It saddens me that even today they face so much discrimination and hatred. Yet, they patiently bear every burden society puts on them.

African American music (hip-hop and rap) is especially meaningful to me, as a child of the Arab Spring Revolution. It was this genre of music, not rock or pop, that was embraced by revolutionaries throughout the Arab world. Independent artists like Lowkey, Shadia Mansour and the Narcicyst used hip-hop as a tool to raise awareness for their cause. Urban street art inspired by African American art still adorns the walls of many neighborhoods in the Arab world.

There is just something about the African American Civil Rights Movement that is incredibly inspiring and not just to me. It is an inspiration for artists all around the globe, particularly in the third world. I guess when we read stories of African Americans and all their struggles, we see a bit of our own history, our own current state of being in them. Their uprising stands as an example of what humans are capable of achieving, if they just fight for what they believe in.

Hip-hop is the language of the Arab Spring Revolution and every other uprising that will ever take place in the third world...and for this, I thank African American artists, political activists, writers and speakers.

I don't think I can ever express enough how much of an inspiration they are to me and thousands of other revolutionaries around the globe.
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Dim bulb.


It makes a lot of sense that you and others in your situation would gravitate towards said genre. I'm only half black but I understand the struggles or at least half of them lol. But it makes sense because that's how hip hop started out, it was a voice for the voiceless...it was a way for "us" to tell our stories and share our experiences...and give people who were mostly completely oblivious to our struggles, some insight. And hopefully helped them to understand us better. Which is exactly what those artists you mentioned are doing. And that is why Hip Hop had such a huge cultural impact around the world I believe. Though I'm not proud of what it's turned into in the mainstream media...it still has very noble and commendable beginnings. Honestly I actually get frustrated sometimes at what my own people have done to the genre though, it's almost like a spit in the face to everything the artists/revolutionaries that came before them accomplished. Though underground artists today do strive very much to keep the heart in rap alive, it's still hard for them to get much recognition. But it is great to know that it's still appreciated today and that Hip Hop is still being used as a vehicle to spread awareness and unite different people from all around the world. That's an incredible thing, and why I will always have love for it.

Honestly, i dont even consider mainstream hiphop to be real hiphop. Plus, its kinda unfair. No one thinks of pop-rock when they are talking about rock music. Thats the thing. There is no way for people to differentiate between mainstream hiphop and underground hiphop. Pop hiphop is still called just hiphop...

Definitely agree. And that's a great point Chica. Hip Hop is always being thrown under the bus for it's bad apples, but Rock is like an angel child that has never done any wrong or anything completely shameful lol. Every genre has it's good and bad.

Exactly! Pop hiphop should be called something else imho

I love this!
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I had no idea you was black

hahaha I am not. I am Persian-Arab

I didn't know we were so appreciated in the Arab world , I listen to lowkey "voices of the voiceless" is my favorite

oh yes you are!! Lowkey is amazing!!! <3 I also loooooove Tupac :)

black people are appreciated by most people around the world (who aren't negrophobes). when I was little and had never seen a black person before I'd look at them on TV and wonder if their hair was really that curly...the first time I saw a black person in 2009 I was so star struck! I dated him for a good four years...and God, I DID love his hair....

Lol u think I thought we was most hated and or feared ,I guess cause in America the 4 most bashed groups is black,Mexican,Arab and Jewish

Arabs + black people are one and the same! <3 we're both brothers, especially in Islam (I know you're not Muslim, but I was adding this because of the notable Muslim African Americans like Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali who are revered by all Muslims around the world)

Lol thts why u thought i was muslim , N.O.I was created more to uplift the black people of North America than it was actual Islam it was specifically designed to counteract white supremacy and it was working until the government sent cointelpro to dismantle it from the inside

indeed, I know that.

but Arabs and black people have the same issues these days. You're probably aware of "driving while black". well, try flying while Arab... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtoHCUMpNMY

And their teach originate from the moorish science temples it gets deep

the thing about hip-hop is that it unites people. just look at any hip-hop song...the diversity is just beautiful. you can have Arabs, Latinos and black people singing alongside each other. I just feel like we have this connection with each other that is lacking with other races (ie whites and Asians). I mean, have you ever noticed how most whites go for Asians anyway? Asian and whites have a connection similar to the one Arabs, Latinos and black people have. That's just my observation, though, and obviously it isn't true for everyone. It's just a generalization.

what unites whites and asians is their love for anime, I guess. whereas us colored folk have hip-hop <3

I have an Arab friend I call my brother , in New York Arab men and black people get along ok and I say men because I rarely see the women and wen I do their covered up or anti social

haha I am one of those covered up women. yea, we can be a bit conservative at times. I am incredibly antisocial too...

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