The Cosby Show Was Great and All....

but, what about dynamic shows like Roc, South Central, and my fave, Good Times.  The Cosby show, as well as many other black shows were great.  But, i myself couldnt then nor can i now identify with many of the show's characters.  I dont know what it's life to have a mother whose a lawyer or a father who is a doctor.  To be quite frank, my mom was a white collar criminal and i dont really even know my father, although i have met him. 

But shows like Roc, South Central, and Good Times, i can identify with.  In a nutshell, i know how to hustle, make a dollar out of fifteen sent, and so on.  I lived having to go from paycheck to paycheck, paying bills on time, having gunshots ringing aloud outside of my house.  I know what its like to have to go to the free clinic cause i dont have a doctor. 

Tyler Perry is okay.  I mean, Madea is mad funny.  But that's really all they have out there now that portrays any of what blacks go thru in America. 

To be honest, i had more respect for James from Good Times than i ever had in Heath Cliff Huxtable.  LOL.  To me, James represented what every black man who gave a damn about his family was going thru.  On Good Times, the characters even spoke the way we did then. 

I aint hating on anyone who came from a family like the Cosby show, that aint even my style.  Im the type like, "Great, you got yours..."  But all in all, i guess what i am saying is, when are they gonna start giving us shows like Roc, South Central, and Good Times?  Something i can identify with.

Im simply tired of all of these shows like Eve, One on One, and even the Parkers.  WTF?  I dont even know black people who act like Eve on Eve, or a single parent home that was anything like One on One.  Im not even gonna say anything about that Kim on the Parkers, that was so unreal, and how about Nikki.  Black women dont chase men down like that.  At some point the average sister gonna press on.  The Parkers to me was just a way to laugh at us, you know poke fun at fat people and a woman who cant take no for an answer, even after a restraining order is approaching.

Its a shame that now my fave show on the tele is Frasier.  It shouldnt be like that.  At least he (Kelsey Grammar) made Girl Friends, which is another black show i refuse to look at, but it is better than all of that other crap they got out there...

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2 Responses Jan 19, 2009

My family was in between the Cosby Show and Good Times but more closely like Good Times. It was mainly because I was a young child during the time that Good Times was on so there was a whole lot that I could relate to in terms of our family struggling. We just didn't live in the ghetto but we also didn't live in the suburbs, my neighborhood had a variety of types of black people in it and we went to average schools. <br />
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I more closely relate to the discipline of the father on Good Times than on Cosby too. James is definitely how more fathers (especially black) were back then which we somehow lost in many of the families (even non black) over the years.<br />
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We need more black people to get their hands on writing and producing shows and movies and owning these companies in order to to have more accuracy.<br />
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These shows that you mentioned all show different aspects of black people that exist but the more negative, silly stuff and drama is what tends to sell unfortunately.

I definitely agree with you. My parents worked hard for everything we had. There are 3 of us and I am the oldest. My Father worked at the Post Office and my Mother was a nurse. We never lacked for anything and we went to very good schools. We all went to college but we were not like the Huxtables. The other shows that you liked were favorites of mine but I did like girlfriends even though they looked like other ethnic clones. Some of the storylines were excellent. I don't think that there's a typical any race family. All are different and unique, there are stereotyped families on tv of all races but ours seem to be the worst represented, because the information out there is so predjudiced. And you know, that even we are predjudiced against each other. What a waste of time. But as my Mother used to say "just keep living and things will change if you believe".