I Am An African American Woman

I am an African American woman.  I'm a Program Director at a non-profit agency, in a regentrified mostly Black community.  Most of the people here want to be Americans, period.  And it seems to be so very hard.  It's getting to the point here where no one wants to be Black or whatever we are calling ourselves this year.  I am, also, a Rastafarian, so I stick out like a sore thumb.  I thought this Black thing had passed, especially, with the new president.  I have rather long locs and my head is usually covered in respect for the Creator and my ancestors who made it possible for me to still be here.  The overall group of people that I work with are of every nationality and they mention it a lot.  Some are Irish, Italian, Polish, Indian and of Latina descent.  They are proud to be Americans but they are proud of their ancestors who came to this country.  I'm not here to constantly talk about my blackness, because I live it everyday and  I love the skin I'm in.  I can't be anyone else but me.  My family and extended family are a rainbow of colors.  I am the Matriarch in this city since my Mother made her transition last year.  We are 42 strong and still growing.  I was taught to be proud by my parents and grandparents.  I miss them dearly and I miss the blackness that they instilled in me.

Migod Migod
51-55, F
3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I love being from Turtle Island,I cry for those who were tore from the heart of the Mother,but I am so happy that this generation is with me here now at this most monumental moment in time,,,we are all related,,, some have had a very hard journey,,,diffently our ancestors had many trails and tribulations,,,I love your words MiGod,,,and I feel your heart and the fire within is very bright,,,You are a devine being and I am honered to meet you,,,love and light mary

I like your story. Grandparents and Parents are so important, and its so wonderful to see that you are wearing locs in a way that pays respect to The Creator and your Ancestors. Three cheers for Matriarchs also. <br />
I myself would like to be considered just American, but on the other hand differences are so important and make life the interesting satisfying thing it is. Everyone wants the easy life until they get it. Then they wish for challenges. - Or differences. Sometimes it takes tenacity just to keep being you. Cheers to You being You.

I am african American (YES). This fact has nothing to do with my race.I am many races, but my ancestoes, were brought to this country, againist their will, as a result my blood line is a mixture of other races..My experance as A slave,jim crow,bigorty,etc. make me proud to be called African American, instead of Black colored the n word etc.