White people on EO have me heated....
They act like they can't read facts.
This is no ******* coincidence.
Yes there is black on black crime.
But that doesn't mean we ignore when innocent are killed because of color.
these are two different stories.
Racism. and Idiocy.
So to those trying to make black people look like we just wanted trouble. Stealing and ****. I have instructions for you.. take that sorry opinion.. Carefully. CAREFUL.. Bend over and stick it right up your ***.
That protest was a peaceful one until squads were sent down like it was ******* war. Now it IS war. far beyond race. its about Rights. Feeling safe in a place they said was ******* Free. Anyone thinking otherwise you need to revaluate yourself. And us as black people need to stop shooting eachother and stand together like we did way back when they beat us down. cause now look; they try to use it against us to make us just look like savages. And we aren't. Far from it.
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Right on! Well said. *stands up and applauds you* :-)