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well i also do not have much to say, i am a young aafrican american  lady, i grew up in oregon out in the country which is a domintaley white neighborhood, at school i am one out of the 3 african american girls and the 4 guys, Growing up i have been called many predjudist names, it hurt me.

I had a very rough child hood, i was molested from the age of 11-14 but i am slowing learning to overcome it, My father wasnt really ever there, he was mostly high and sat on the couch and did his own thing, when he wasnt watchin tv he was yelling at me and my 3 older brothers, 

My mother was always there until her and my fathers marriage started to fall apart then she was mostly gone in other states with other men,

I am a very mature person for the age that i am, i've been boxing since i was a child and also modeling since i was a child, boxing is more of a passion and modeling is more of a hobby, i also love piercings, i currently have my lip, my nose, my tongue and multiple piercings on my ears,

one thing i have noticed recently is that i am not attracted to white males [[no offense  to anyone]] I used to be attracted to them very much but somehow i lost intrest after my first african american boyfriend, Its just something about the way most of  them talk and their style its justy something i really like,

I dont have much more to sasy besides that :)

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Welcome to the site and I am so happy that all of you have a positive outlook on your lives.<br />
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Hi,<br />
I am African American also, I am a grandmother!<br />
I was also A vitim of childhood molestation,I have gotton help, Hopefully (you have also)I have learned sharing with others who understand, will also help...<br />
<br />
By the way I enjoy this site,people are very supportave to me.<br />

hi! I see there are not many african americans on this site, but when I see someone I just want to say HELLO. Like you, I was molested as a child and was physical and sexual abused also! But I have overcome all of that and I have learned to forgive and have self-respect and all the love for my SELF!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!