This Group Should Not Exist-All "African-Americans" are US Citizens with equal eights and opportunities NOT a whole separate species. No "African-American" alive today has ever been a slave. Furthermore fellow Africans SOLD your ancestors away in slavery in the New World centuries ago. Those people obviously did NOT want your ancestors in Africa. ALL ties to Africa ended then. True Africans such as Nigerians, Somalis, and Ghanaians are NOTHING like you and do NOT want to be. You all have the amazing gift and privilege of US Citizenship that quite a few people would KILL for, yet refuse to acknowledge and accept your status as ordinary Americans, entitled to nothing except what you earn and create of your own accord. Blacks keep Blacks down subscribing to self-damnation and an entitlement complex instead of total integration and a post racial society.Whites, Asians, and Latinos moved on decades ago. Get with the program already. Black skin is what YOU make of it.
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Didn't know representing our race was self damnation. Black people in America do not have equal opportunities, Jim Crow is alive and well, and rears its ugly head in many ways. The blood running warm in my blood is African, I was born here because that is what the good Lord saw fit, but if I had the choice I would be a native of the Motherland. I don't see being a citizen of a stolen country that most of the world hates, that commits acts of terror in other countries regularly a gift and a privilege. I'd much rather have the gold, pyramids, spices, diamonds, oil, and precious metals. I'm sorry that you hate yourself for being half black, I'm sorry for the future black son you may bring into the world, and the poison you may spew into him, and I'm sorry for society for having to put up with someone like you. Oh, and FYI, you can be half black or full black and still be a white supremacist. Ever seen the boondocks Auntie Ruckus?

I wonder, I really do not trust that idea that people were sold by fellow Africans! Its another strategy to decide the Africans into seperate groups and rule over! It's a foriegn idea in Africa to sell a fellow being.... Or at least to my knowledge!

Why does it ALWAYS seem like somebody posts something negative in this group? And just like in the other group, you've completely slammed black men. I don't care how mixed you are, you are still very much part of the black race as you are European. And I think it's pretty sad that you have such a poisonous attitude.

For one, about our ancestors selling us away, I tend to have some ideas about what would have or wouldn't have happened. It's clear the Europeans were quite advanced back in the day, and once they started venturing into Africa, there were multiple times that they took whatever they wanted without the permission of the tribes. What about the Belgium Genocide in Congo? Or the rubber plantation fields they build and if the tribe workers didn't perform or refused to, their limbs were cut off. And there were some contracts the Europeans made to the tribe leaders who did not completely understand what the contracts said. This is something I learned in a Western History in college. So, in terms of our ancestors selling us away, I highly doubt that even IF they refused to give us away, the Europeans would have taken them anyway. But since they took us anyway, you already know the brutal history of how slaves were treated in the states, and that's way worse in my opinion.

ok.. why are you saying this as though we have come up with a name that makes us better than you... Every other color has something to call themselfs, as you have so deligently put above, or would you rather that we call ourselfs "*******". Whites are called "caucasian", Latinos "hispanic", every other race gets a name, why are you trying to prevent us from having a name that is not offensive, but that just explains what color we are... The african part of "African- American", is just saying that we have the same skin color as those in Africa, but, i guess, you have no idea about that, because your ancestors have either, lied to you or omitted the truth. If you want us to call ourself by just "Americans", why dont you, first, tell everyone else in America that that's what we are. And, why should it matter what we call ourselfs, when everyone else still call themselfs by the names that they have. Get a firmer grasp on the reality of today's American society... then we'll see how you feel on this whole subject.

Well it seems your mother obviously wanted nothing to do with the wonderful 'post-racial' society in which she was so privileged to live. And maybe when you grow up , lose some of the anger and self-loathing and have a firmer grasp of history and present-day reality you might feel a little differently about your heritage too.