Why Arent Blacks (or Afro Americans) Just As Focused About Our Planet Earth, As We Are About Our Civil Rights?

Does caring about our civil rights mean that we cannot care as much about our planet Earth?

I know that its hard being black/African American (or any other minority) in America. We're constantly fighting for equality, equal rights and pay, as well as many other things in America (and worldwide), but what about fighting for our planet. This planet is the only planet that i know of that is habitable enough for us to live on. In a lot of our neighborhoods (not just black 'hoods but places in general) theres trash strewn about the streets and playgrounds. Rats and roaches roaming around freely because of the filth. We (people in general) let our children play in this.

Why do we over consume our natural resources. Every time a Walmart Super Center goes up, comes down an entire ecosystem of wildlife and trees. We need trees in order to breathe and those animals keep checks and balances in the environment. Does there really have to be so many massacred chinchillas and minks to make a fashion statement. Its one thing to kill and animal and eat it but when youre killing it just to make fashion statements, thats a waste.

What about our water ways? I dont know about all of you our there, but ive grown accustomed to fresh drinking water, or at least the hope of one day having it. Do we really have to throw our trash into the oceans and rivers and lakes? Not only does that contaminate our drinking water, but also food (if youre a fish eater).

Why cant more of us care more about the planet, especially when its the only one that we have?

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Interesting point of view.

If it wasn't for the civil rights movement and the passage of the civil rights bill believe you wouldn't have much time or mental energy to focus on THE PLANET EARTH. IMAGINE SITTING IN A FOR COLORED ONLY SECTION OF A PUBLIC LUNCHROOM would you be concerned if your lifestyle was severely racially restricted? Who would feel like SAVING PLANET EARTH IF A WHITE DRIVER YELLED AND TOLD YOU TO MOVE TO THE BACK OF THE BUS. THINK ABOUT, WITHOUT POINT A THERE WOULD BE NO B OR C.

Hi ReDe The reason Black people don't see the Earth as a piroity, is life gets in the way, such as raising our childern . we have to deal with basic needs,we are aware of the problems of the world, such as the earth and the inviorment. tTrying to handel the problems of segration, takes all the srtrength we have..When we accomplish all these issues, then we do focus on the bigger problems, like the Earth's problems.. But things are getting better, many Afrucan Americans are successful I am sure they are doing what they can about the problems of our world

This is a very good point...indeed, and I'm kind of late for the discussion. I live in the south and well......most people (as a whole) don't care about saving the earth and etc. But then again....I'm black and I recycle, and try to use gas as little as possible. Some of my friends and family don't give a crap about any of that. Their just trying to get by. But some people do care. And you can't make people stop littering and recycling...etc. They have to want too. And the whole thing about color is well....pointless. Black, white, yellow, green, red......it doesn't matter. If you want to help save the earth...go ahead. Do it because you want to, not because someone told you too.

Oh! Do not get me wrong, I never said that you were in any way wrong in raising the question. If we stop to consider it, if God is considered to be our Father then the Earth has got to be our mother. If she gets sick or angry we're all done for. We should be looking at ourselves as stewards of the Earth, instead many treat it as if it is a very cheap hotel room. Which makes you wonder what does their homes look like?<br />
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There are many who know and understand this... Problem is, there are many who have no respect for life in General. So why would they respect the Earth or anything for that fact. Somewhere, long ago I read "The young do not know how to feel the earth, they haven't planted ROOTS yet." They haven't learned to think beyond themselves." But I really believe my comments only address a few of the reasons. I strongly feel the issue goes much deeper than what I am suggesting here.

This is an excellent string of comments. And as I look at all of them, I see part of the answer. Maybe one day, the dividing device that uses ethnicity (world wide mind you) will no longer be a factor in the human condition. But that day has not yet arrived (and those who are still living, who fought and watched friends die for this, know that the whole "civil rights issue" has not yet come to the place that it needs to be). In other words one day maybe we'll realize that we can be of many different ethnicities and still consider ourselves one race -- HUMAN. <br />
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As to the question itself, it all comes down to caring about your community, and expanding that concept to care about the world. But to do this, you must first come to care about yourself, this is true for any community. Raise the conscious level of the people and you can obtain the results that you are asking for. But... this was also part of the dream that continues to be fought for under the name of civil rights.<br />
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One last comment here... “we” are not descendents of slaves. Slavery wasn't the birthplace of our race, it was merely a bad chapter in our history. We are descendents of that which goes back into antiquity a proud and noble people. And until we remember that fact and claim it for what it is... we can't raise the consciousness within our own community, nor of the rest of the worlds view of our people. <br />
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But we're getting there.

well i think history plays a great role in why black people are into their civil rights after all it wasnt that long ago that slavery ended!. I dont mind someone stating my colour as black but i dont do this collective blacks word it just sounds terrible. Do you call white people whites too...they arent even black or white people anymore its being bought back to just a colour. If that doesnt seem wrong to you then so be it. But i stick by my words earlier i find it offensive and i dont want anyone calling me and my son blacks thank you very much.

hmmm have you got statistics to prove this statement!. Personally i think the world as a whole is responisble. regardless of colour race blah blah blah. I also hate the term blacks...they are people not a group of colours. I found this quite insulting. Your point has been lost in the fact that you have selected a specific group ie..black people to make your point about the damage that humans are doing to their planet.