My parents thought that it would be funny to raise me to be the whitest black boy in history. I've been going to a predominantly white school since the 4th grade and I live in Colorado (not too many people of color out here lol). So, it's gotten to the point where I have a lot more common interests with whites than I do with blacks. And I ALMOST feel more comfortable around whites than blacks for the simple reason that we have more in common. Don't get it twisted now, I am more passionate about the advancement of the African American community than anything else, but I just don't connect with them. I think it is a valuable skill to be able associate with Caucasians because we live in a white world. I'm glad that I have that skill. However, I need to find myself in the African American community because if they don't accept me, then who will?
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This entire discussion is so unnecessary, but also shows HOW FAR your species needs to go. Maybe when we come to visit and show ourselves, your species will FINALLY "get it". 👽 You are ALL earthlings! And very tasty by the way. 👽

I moved my bi-racial son out of Colorado to Texas when he was 9. (I am white as is his dad,) Prior to that he was one of two black kids in the entire school of 700 students. Now he is in the majority. I've often wondered which was the better place for him.

Interestingly, in CO I was teaching him to say African American. When we got to Texas we were quickly corrected by black people that they preferred to be called black.

Different areas, different social norms.

Actually I'm a multiracial child. So I understand. My parents live in a white gated community, with like 5% black, and everyone else is Hispanic, Asian, native, Pacific Islander, but most of all white. I'm 50% black. I am comfortable around whites and other races who aren't black but I like all races and ethnicities. I just feel more comfortable around the minority. I have never dated an African American person because of what I prefer. There's nothing wrong with dating any race but I can't help my preference. I have every friend from color to no color so I'm not racist. And love all races and yourself and be proud. People will love you and hate you no matter the color of their skin.

I'm Latina but I have always surrounded myself with white people and my parents always has also. And And strangers don't believe that I am Latina . when I surround myself with the Latino community it can be very difficult , so I know how you feel

That's really what all this post is about.

There's no such thing as a white black boy.

There's no such thing as acting a certain color.

I understand the need to feel accepted but there's no reason white people wouldn't accept you just because you're black.

Real friends and people who care about you see you for who you are and not what you look like or what color you are.

Some of the thoughts behind this post bother me a bit.

Just be yourself. Good luck :)

You said you feel more comfortable around whites but yet you dont connect with black people because you were raised around mostly white people but you are more passionate about the advancement about the african community but its a valuable skill to be able to associate with white people because you say we live in a white world and your glad you have that skill,however you need to find yourself in the African American community because if black people dont accept you then who will . First of all your saying so many things yet your not saying anything that is clear. First of all if you never hung out with blacks than how can you say your more comfortable with whites? Honestly I think you are seeking some type of attention from white people yet you dont want to say the wrong things in regards to being black but just in case a black person reads this they wont come at you wrong but say to you i got your back and the same with a white person vice versa you want to hear them say we accept you so your playing the odds against each other..This is what you need to do....Get in where you fit in,live your life and be happy because it really aint all that serious. Black people aint missing you ,white people are like whatever so do you,do what you go ,go play some ball go swimming and just play the cards you were dealt and stop tripping and focusing on connecting with black people because as long as your skin has melanin in it thats all the connection you need.

I am seeking some attention, I admit that, but not from Caucasians. I want reassurance from African Americans that I can be free to be who I am without worrying about being labeled by the people who are supposed to be on my team.

First of all you need you some black friends and i will tell you now black people dont care how you talk,walk or what white school you have been to as long as your cool and be you .one thing you need to learn is there are buttholes within every color of people and people will only be who they are black red or white. Life is not a fairytale. Just be you and the right people will be on your team.

Stay true to yourself . Without explanation or apology . You can learn more about African American culture when you go to college and meet a more diverse group of people . You're young . People of every ethnicity have varied cultural references . That's a good thing . Whites raised in black neighborhoods. , Asians in white , black in white etc etc
Leave the ignorance with the ignorant and be proud of the community you were raised in

Love ur post man that first sentence made me lol literally

We are people not colors .......personally I do t view it as separate races. We are human end of story. Why can't just live in a Humans? Also white world? What the heck! Look I personally find it insulting that you make it sound like being white is this terrible don't get to choose how dark or light you why even care?

Kate, our country was founded by white, male, Anglo-Saxon, conservative protestants.
We kept slaves long after other nations abolished slavery. Women have only had the right to vote since 1920 when the rest of the world had women as world leaders. In both cases it took decades after women's suffrage for women or black Americans were able to exercise their civil rights here. Rosa parks was still riding the back of the bus in 1950. Sure the past 20 years has seen significant change in our country... But please... We need to recognize... In America we are still operating in a "white male institution" ... His choice of words is not inaccurate. This post was not for non-African Americans to come in and cry foul. This post was for intelligent discussion between him and his peers....

I am one of his peers maybe you don't see that because my shin is a few shades lighter but I am one. Our would will always be divided so long as this kind of out look is taken. We are human. And it's insulting as a human to be judged based on skin tone for all people. I'm not denying that we all have different cultures. But I am saying culture isn't defined by race and it shouldn't be.

my culture is a mix of three different cultures that surround my home town.........hick, internet, and straightedge culture......culture is created with where your from....

What country was founded by a white male?

Unfortunately to alot of white people black people are not people.

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Can I ask, why is it that you not refer to yourself as just American. I am Australian with a European background, but we don't say I'm European Australian, etc here. I guess if you are first generation in a new country, that would be the exception.

Our country is a little screwed up. Aside from the cultural aspect, you are automatically born with a label.
Every single document you have to fill out in this country you have to label yourself as White, Black, Hispanic, or other .... Very hard to get away from labels when your school, your employee, and your government give you one

How is getting along with and sharing common interests with white people different than from black people? Aren't we all humans with some common interests? Some different? What does color have to do with anything? I fail to see the connection.

It's not about color, but it is about identity. Each culture has it's own ways of celebrating itself, remembering its own history, it is a source of strength, of confidence. Its not about being anti-white. Its not about claiming any culture is superior than another. It is simply about how do you retain oneself and ones culture as you jump into the great big melting pot of life. I think it is a mature and reasonable discussion

I will take I one step further and say that the beauty of life comes from it being diverse. Our cultures diversify us in a pleasing way that we can all share, and thus we should help preserve our own, and each others, cultures.

What are white peoples culture?

Brother I know how you feel. My dad was military and most of their friends were white. So most of my friends were white. As a grown man mainly most of my friends are still white.

Omg you are to young to be having this dumb *** mentality wtf is wrong with you boy

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Lol u got Me but now WTF is wrong with u girl telling that man how he should feel

Cause this young boy dumb talking like he a Uncle Tom

Why? He grew up in a white community not by his choice. Why the label? Why do you feel the need to judge him? What are your academic arguments against harmony between races? (I am assuming the your uncle tom reference infers that African culture & Anglo culture should not intermix) what are you attempting to contribute to the discussion?

No he's not I'm sure u feel more comfortable around the type of people u were raised around than any other type of people plus the guy said he wants to start getting comfortable around his people cuz he knows they will have his back better than the white people he hangs around

"His people " he's making it seem like we're some different type of a alien species that all black peoples are the same your just a annoying honkie like the rest of them what do think you have to do with this conversation stfu an go have ****** with your family like the rest of you sick honkies take this dumb kid with you the black community don't want him any way making us seem like we're something horrible an were so different from everybody else **** all of you mayo eating *****

Why are you getting so upset. I'm calling African Americans my people because that's who I am, happily. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just saying that I wish that people wouldn't say ignorant things like, "you're whitewashed" or "you're not black" because I refuse to be bound by stereotypes. What "dumbass" mentality are you talking about?

Baby u need calm down cuz I'm not even white I'm black

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I understand what u mean I'm black as well.I think it has less to do with race than u think

About a week agooooo

Wow. I am not alone then?


I've gotta lighten this post a little (which has turned into an awesome discussion) and share some personal info. As mentioned, my wife is Jamaican, raised in Texas in a "white community" ... I am Italian (Caucasian) raised in Brooklyn, NY. Talk about identity crisis! We have beautiful children together that we teach to be proud about both cultures... But for us socially it is so awkward irs ridiculous lol.

Its funny how ...sort of... Common this is. And I don't just mean the black/white issue.... I mean parents that are either ashamed of their culture, or are WAY to conforming to another culture and wind up homogenizing their children's culture. I'll give you an example. I am a 1st generation Italian in America (my dad is off the boat) I am the only one in my generation that doesn't speak Italian. My parents wanted me to fit in with American culture so bad they sacrafised my Italian culture. My wife... She is Jamaican... Her mom.. Similar to you... Moved her to an all white neighborhood and sent her to 90% white schools. I think it is just over protectiveness... But it is a shame. Our culture is a big part of our identity and should be celebrated... Not shamed...

I see that... And I see two separate issues. I believe what you are referring to is the corruption of hip hop and the negative effect/images that it bestows upon African American culture. And this is a touchy subject, so I will try to approach it with caution. I love Hip Hop. Hip Hop is poetry to me. It is flavorful to my ears as Spanish food is to my mouth. It is the beauty O America that this can happen... That we can experience each other in this fashion. The problem in our country I always, though, the uneducated portion. Thugs. Rednecks. Whatever you want to call the uneducated voting class that our media CONSTANTLY manipulates and spreads its ignorance like disease. And unfortunately in our country some of that crud is institutionalized.
So yes, I agree with your sentiment.. But I don't think this particular post (I hope) is about that. I think this is an awesome ... Hey, I can work in a "white world" ... Now how do I save myself and my culture and maximize that...

Yes, you hit the nail right on the head.

Welcome to my world

The struggle lol!!

No it's not a ******* struggle you sound like a confused ***** u dumb as Uncle Tom

Hey, no one cares what your bitter self thinks, so how about you go somewhere else please? Civilized people are having a conversation here, thank you.