I May Be Black But I Like White Men.

There I said it. I am into interracial relationships. It's not that I won't give black men a chance. Some are very attractive. But white men (and I'm sorry to say this) have priorty. Unless of course the black man is Tyrese Gibson. That is one sexy Motha Flucker. I'll have your babies sweety!!! But for some reason, I just have this crazy attraction to white men. And this is sad because a lot of white men don't care for black women. I've seen people say "I'm looking for a girlfriend. no black girls please." and it just hurts me. They don't even give me a chance half the time. now I'm dating the guy right now (white) and I hope it works out. He likes black women and I'm thankful. I need a white man to like black women but i don't want him to treat us like we are 'the final frontier'. I don't want a white guy to get with me just so he can tell his friends "I got with a black chick." That's just as bad as not liking black women at all. I don't want a white man to want me for my *** or hips. I want him to want me for me. Even though white men are sexy to me, that does nto mean that I don't give other races a chance. Just like some of you men like light skinned black girls more than dark skinned black girls. It's an attraction thing. It catches your eye but it isn't what makes your dicision on whether or not you want to be with that person (or at least it shouldn't). It's merely the first thing that attracts you. After that, it's all about personality and level headedness. Does any of this make sense?
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Omg, I can relate to you so much girl. I'm a college basketball player, and I am so attracted to white guys. It's so crazy because my teammates or friends always be like so your racist against your own race, it's nothing like that. I have been attracted to white guys for the longest, I have no clue why, don't get me wrong I like some black guys. I feel like white guys feel black girls wouldn't date white guys. Ummm hecky no I love me some white guys. What do you think is a good way to let a white guy know that you are attracted to them?

Yes that actually makes perfect sense. As a white man the prefers black women (again the attraction thing). Black women are often times stringer than white/asian/hispanic women in several respects. But there are quite a few who have stereotypical/Bias opinions towards them or "don't want daddy to find out". In all personal honesty and experience the color of your skin means nothing of you as a person. It has nothing to do with how you were raised or your personal perspective. Though yes there are several differences between races. Hell, half the people I work with in the navy are black. Most of our electricians, utilities men and equipment operators are black. I often get caught up in "racist" conversation because I am not as boisterous as several of these individuals are and am seen as "the cocky, rich white boy that's too god for blacks".

Its ok...you are not insane. I love white guys myself and have been married to one for over 10 years. To me, white guys rock, they are just my preference. Good luck!

SidNTx is on a role!

Darling, if you are black and beautiful and don't mind the fact that I'm much older and married, please get in touch.
I just love beautiful women, those that are beautiful in body and mind, whatever their colour.
If you have time, have a look at my profile and, if you like what you read, I should love to hear from you.
Peter xx

Interesting. Because I'd love to date a black woman, but I haven't met many who would be interested.

Yes I love ebony females

I like your thoughts and reasoning. You will go forth in life very far, very sharing, and very happy. Don't settle for less. You like white men, don't be afraid to go after them. White men love being the target of a sexy, black lady. Trust me I know, I am one.

I personally never been with a black woman. I am curious about it though. I find some black women my age to be very attractive and a few to be total knockouts but they appear only to like black men.

hey its all good and i feel you i mean its just your personal preference i aint mad atcha as a matter of fact im the same way i mean dont get me wrong sistas definitely got it goin on in a lotta ways but unless she look like beyonce or halle berry im not feelin em plus they gotta have brains plus they gotta be gettin $ plus they gotta be christian the funny thing is back in the 80 s i was so pro black all i needed was a dashiki i was a teenager then im grown now with a whole lot more experience and ive made up my mind im feelin women of other cultures but not black women i know that sounds crazy but i dont care hey if its all the same then we can be friends but it takes a lotta woman to make me swoon cause i been with different types ive been with the best of the best ladies need to really step up yo game thats all preciate ya lilskyy

White men were ALWAYS sexy as heck ever since I was a small child.

Then let the party begin! When you coming down to Texas? I would love to spend some time with you.


you aint alone i m black, but , i like every race of female but black women is that bad? hey, for what its worth, its just my personal preference from my own experiences

And I am attracted to hot young black women

Hit me up sometime baby, I would love to spend some time with a hot black lady like you.

SidNTx@ the y

True, i do want to date outside of my race, not just white. i am not easily the person to walk up to a guy im attracted to and asks them out. ugh!!

i like all women regardless of racial background, id love to check you out, you sound hot any chance of adding me as a friend ;)

And hey more white men go for black women which its mainly the dark skin ones anyway the more white and asian women for us too lol go ahead white boys lol

Well that is why I date latinas they are more black and understand the black man then the black women smh all you black love being house niggas lol well more latinas for me

You sound like you have a bad attitude. We all have our preferences. My preference is white and I am black. I like black guys but one of the things that puts me off most black guys is the constant use of the N word and the bad attitude, just like you have done here. Enjoy your Latina women, they are beautiful women.

im a white guy 28 and i love black woman especially older

feel free to ad me on skype for a chat: mokumhools

I am a white man and I adore black women,and, I've had some of the best sex with black women, but, also with asians .!

Maybe if you liked black men, white men would like you. It's a vibe. Anyone who prefers another due to skin color and not culture or proper upbrining has an issue.

I have heard black men and black women say how much they like another ethnicity over their own for some lame reasons. I think this only goes to show how shallow people are although they are trying to show how open they are to difference.

Black and white mix well together call me white boyz lol

I wish people would get over this whole black white dating thing. And find someone you can love. People who are always thinking in regards of complexion eyes wonder. I love women regardless of complexion. I'm more concerned about her upbringing.

I am a white man, dated black girls in the past, one girl was very black skin, I enjoy her very much as same with the other, guess I didn't see the skin color, but it the brain that I like about.

As I have seen,and enjoyed, posted in reply in this group, "Nigga please!"

Iam not sure really what to say but as a white male( that loves black females) from the uk it is nice to see black ladies that are in to white males think it is still a big-ish taboo over here but nice to see it does happen and lead on to getting marryed or at lest a strong relationship and not just se x

I agree, call me anytime!!<br />
White, Ranger Bob69

I'm a black young woman and I love men all different races. I love interracial dating also. It doesn't matter if the man is white, black, hispanic, asian or whatever as long as he loves me for me and treats me right.

well im a white guy and I LOVE black women.<br />
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Hope you don't mind me adding you.

no one wants me...everyone tells me i'm pretty, but no one wants me...i'm black/mixed heritage and i prefer white men as well. (i'm not attracted to black men) I'm 31, and I've been single for 7 years (not by choice). I'm starting to feel no one will ever want me...All the white men I've been interested in has ended up with a pretty young white woman and it's wreaking havoc on my self esteem to the point where I don't really have any anymore.

are u even a real person?? Why is your profile info so blank?

What really irks me is that a black guy can date a white woman and their relationship would be considered "cute" by some, especially if they're both attractive. But if a black woman dates a white man then the black woman is a "sell out" -____- I like pretty much all races, but by most, I'm considered an "oreo" just because I'm not ghetto and I prefer to talk like I have an education. Black guys are just turned off to that I guess, at least the ones that I'm one... and the white guys have a bad view on black women, saying that most of the are "loud, dirty, and slutty" so most white men around here aren't attracted to black girls. SMH, just can't win >.>

You both may find that you are educated and that is scary. African American culture is mainly a matriarchal society, but add the current trend of 3 to 5 times the number of black women to black men finishing college and gets scary for the guy who thinks having pants around his knees (I'm guessing to show off his butt for the 'downlow' boys) and barely able to speak the language of the country he was born in in some intelligible manner, could cause a bit of a shortage of interesting black men................and it is "speak properly" you are modifying the verb.......as to most black women being loud dirty and slutty.........maybe those white guys watch too much Jerry Springer.

I'm a AA female and I'm very attracted to white men and have no issues with attracting them idk my mom hates it... But loves her mixed grandkids lol...but I just tell her I can't help it they flock to me like bees to honey... Lol...only thing hard 4 me is I'm 23 and I like them in the 30-40 age range.. Not a gold digger but men my age are to immature 4 me...

I also prefer older men. You are old enough to know what you are doing so it's ok even if he is 50.

It is okay for you to like who you like. My cousin after her she divorce her husband started dating a white man and now she will not date any other race. Funny for me, I learned that I missed out on a lot of dates because blk men thought I only dated white. I spent many a nights alone because of it. Till a White man schooled me on why I was not being asked out. I was just being too white for the blk men and not black enough for the white ones LOL. best of luck hope you find love no matter the color.

Lol this is crazy!

I have a lot of family in Alabama and I usually don't date in my own race because I'm afraid of accidentally dating some long lost cousin.

I hope you will read Tales from the Quarters" books by Beax Rivers (I'm Beax)! They celebrate US in all our skin colors, all our diversity, from the blackest black to the lightest light. ALL OF US, from those who love and marry black, to those who love and marry white, and in-between. Men and women, meeting, finding out the challenges and changes they have to face as beings in love. Romance and mystery, in a magic love cocktail! Hoorah!

i like all races, but i love white boys and there hair. i don't even have to date them i'll just go up to them and be like can i touch your har.

I am a healthy 37 year old black woman who has always dated non black men. I see black men who I am attracted to but when it come to sex , I am not. Dating white men in the 90's was very difficult. I have would play dates with my son and random idiots, black and white, would ask me if i was his nanny or the baby sitter. <br />
In 2012, I thank God , I am strong person who never had my opinions changed or shaped by others. Date whom ever you want in life. Life to to short to life your life unhappy. <br />
When I date a guy I cover the basics, I remind him that I am black and that will never change. I am not a secret in your life and I will never be. If your family has issue with an interracial relationship, then we can not date. Family is very important. In the end, an outsider should never break up family ties. Family is were the toughest battles will be fought if they do not support it.<br />
3 Kids and 17 years later......I am glad that I ignore the comments made by everyone. Life is good.

like me:)?

like me:)?

i would love to have a black female to worship and adore. they rule

Every time I turn around, there is a woman I like. I have a number of black female friends, but I was bent out of shape when I was younger by a coal black woman in Ivory Coast who became my slave (her decision, but really I was into S&M so took very little arm twisting on her part. I am an ethical saidst i.e. only lie doing this to masochist and am a real whimp about pain {not entirely true, but hell ruins the story right} so I caved to her need and desire to serve me), she was BTW very smart and very strong willed just loved being a slave and felt it was her god given destiny.<br />
My problem with black women now is I am attracted to the slender, younger submissive ones. I do not think this is a racist thing, I was married to a Japanese woman, my sister married a Jamaican (holy christ never tell them they are black! "I a not BLACK I am Jamaican! LOL) I have loved all over the world and truly adore and worship women. I do not think they need to be submissive because there are too many men who need a dominant woman! Ladies those of you who are a bit pissed off at men grab one or two of these poor wimps, they will let you have some "real man" lovers likely bring them home to you, and cook dinner and serve you both breakfast in bed!<br />
We all have our attractions and our points of attraction. I love a woman's eyes and the shape of her lips. I prefer small breasts and small butts (those apple shaped ones).<br />
I love smart women and strong willed which many people think is a contradiction, but the most submissive women actually in my experience have the strongest wills.<br />
I don't seek someone like me but rather someone who is a compliment to me, that famed opposites attract.<br />
In general we are raised to be afraid of people we have little experience of, but there are some who find that difference exciting, appealing, interesting and attractive; the exotic unknown.<br />
While you talk about many white guys not giving you a chance, I have found black women in America to be far more reluctant to date outside there race than nearly any other group except the Koreans, who seem to have one of the most ethnocentric cultures I have ever encountered.<br />
My daughter, who is a double (100% American-European and 100% Japanese) has been dating a Korean guy. HER grandmother is telling her, "Don't marry a Korean!" and HIS mother is "Don't marry a Korean!"<br />
Mom showed up at their college, found my daughter's underpants in HIS laundry basket and got ALL up in his face about dating a Japanese, even though she is beautiful, brilliant and charming as can be (I am not being an Oyabaka here, go learn the meaning yourself). They both told me about this and so I found this picture of a hot but definitely, not your "nice" black girl and told him, send this to your mother tell her you broke up with my daughter and you are dating a very Nice girl now and see what she says.<br />
She was on the NEXT plane from Korea to get him back together with my daughter! <br />
I was raised near NYC and had a cousin who was a part of the UN. She spoke 47 languages like a native. I would go to UN functions all the time, you get used to different people and cultures.<br />
If you find yourself disliking someone you do not know because of their race, go talk to them. YOu will discover more times than not they are quite human, this is of course assuming YOU are.<br />
Keep smiling and find and follow your bliss.<br />
And any of you cute, younger, slender, submissive black girls who have a thing for older, handsome charming dominant white men, do please send me a message, wave or famed 'shout out'. I am not interested in a cheap thrill, I am a man who knows how to give and keep his word. <br />
For the rest of you allow me to leave you with something to think about.<br />
<br />
The only thing you really have in life is your word. Everything else, you family, friends, the air you breathe and the food you eat is a gift.<br />
Your word is the only thing you really have. Do not give it casually and when you do, do absolutely everything in your power to keep it, even when it is to your detriment at the time, it will pay you back and then some over time.<br />
Being known as a person 'Of your Word' is only of the best things. It will open doors closed to many others. It also feels good to know you are this type of person.

............. What?????

yeh I know I am a total *******. I start with this simple idea and the ******* thing just gets away from you. Holy christ! Like where did it even come from?

I've run into opposition within my dark skinned ladies families. I'm white and have always been drawn to ladies of darker skin tones. My family has been very open and understanding about it, but for some reason when I meet the gal's family I'm some evil creature that means them harm, or so they make me feel. I enjoy meeting family members of people I care about, but having brothers, father, sisters, and mothers glaring at the dinner table is something hard to deal with, and a lot of times it harms the relationship. If parents are against it regardless of how old the people in the relationship are, it makes it hard for the relationship to continue. I will not be a reason a family is divided. I refuse to cause bad feelings between a parent and child. You just have to hang on and hope for the best, that both sets of parents will accept the relationship, or that they will at least warm to the idea eventually.

........ I despise inlaws.........

You have some valid points for most people, though almost all of your points or suggestions are things I've learned along the way already. I've never felt superior to anyone and tend to great strangers as equals because no one is better than anyone else. I've had a job for almost 4 years, lived on my own for about as long, and treat their daughters with respect. Sometimes I'm afraid it comes down to just plain racism. My problem is they never try to get to know me or my family background. My folks are Italian and Irish. Both families were dirt poor. Both Families were immigrants during the 30's and 50's. The Irish farmed with their black neighbors and the Italians worked in a factory in Boston working hand in hand with black co-workers. We already have a few interracial couples happily married within my families. I feel frustrated, but I let it go easily enough. I feel worse for the girl in our relationship as she is so embarrassed by her families hate she cries. It rips me up knowing that people of any race can be so blind. Bad apples seem more and more to ruin bushel.

lol thats my family, my dads side anyway.....they don't believe in mixing cultures. i know it's absolutely horrible

atimes i feel there must be something wrong with me...i have dated a mixed guy and a white guy...i am so attracted to white guys and i cannot help it

I am a black man. And I say, more power to you. If you like white men, I have absolutely no problem with you wanting to be with a white man.<br />
<br />
Whatever makes you happy.

black girls, white girls, asain girls, indian girls i have no preference and have dated all races.<br />
god bless interacial love

For the record, I'm a black man. Now having said that, everyone likes different things in their significant other, and if you like white men, more power to you. I hope you find the white man for you.


My boyfriend is white, and he's really sweet. His family is great, and my family has been supportive and accepting. I've always been attracted to white guys, so by now I'm used to people being judgemental or my biracial relationships. <br />
<br />
Ah, what can you do.

I'm the same way and I've been single my whole life. I think I'm too fat for white guys. It upsets me when I see white girls with black guys because they have it and I can't. I don't know why I only like white guys. I wish I didn't. I guess I just have to change who I am and settle. How is your guy treating you?

hi sorry but nothing wrong with a girl with a bit of meat hun keep your head up you will be fine

I have ALWAYS been attracted to black women They are beautiful,sensual creatures.I'm attracted to all races.Once I left home,and all the racism ugliness,I dated any and all I was attracted to.I have a 19 year old daughter named Sade,named after the famous singer whose sensual singing helped make her our love child.

i'm black and the thing that turns me off about black men more than anything else is their attitudes. i've never met a bunch who have such self righteous, uppity, i'm better than you, funky attitudes in my life. they're attractive enough physically, most of them anyway, but their attitude stinks. starting with my own father and going on down the line. they can not have a pot to **** in nor a window to throw it out, but still they think they're better than anyone else, especially their black sisters. any woman of any other race can sure have the ones i had with my blessing. and good luck to them too, they'd need it.

dood i tell my mom i'm gonna marry a white guy and she tole me that i'm not gonna be bringing white guys into her house XD<br />
i'm totally different from you though O.O i dont want to date a black guy... i dont find them attractive at all.....i might end up with a black guy if i find one that i really really luff to death.. but idk....i like other races as well..i actually wanna go out with an Asian guy or maybe an Hispanic guy O.O i think its totally awesome when i meet someone who doesnt want to marry within their own race ^-^ cause i'm sure that i'm not going to >.>...

My family has always been open about interracial relationships, my brother is mixed (I am the youngest of three; he is the middle kid). I've always been attracted to and have dated white men (with so-so results). Black women should be more open to it, but tread carefully. I think a lot of guys of all colors (including black men unfortunately), will only consider black women for sex. Even though this can be the case for all women, black women (particularly the one writing this) gets this crap often, no matter how conservatively dressed or well-spoken. I'd love to hear some white guys' feelings on this topic.

OMG, you sound as if you read my journal, lol. I am divorced from a black man and when I introduced him to my family they were shocked that I was dating him. Having been in a marriage with him, I now am honest and wise enough to know that I am drawn to white men, preferrably older than me, and i make no apologies about it. i think if people are honest with themselves about their likes and dislikes then a lot of heartache could be avoided. thanks for sharing your story.

I think it's great to be open to everybody of all races, colors, religions, etc. But don't turn your back on the brothas. There are still good black men out there.

My husbands Asian ... I love him!!! =)

Lets call a spade a spade (no pun intended). My mom and dad loved each other for who they were individually, race not included. When I got older my dad in not so many words told me he was attracted to her white skin (for what ever psycological reasons that be) and she his dark skin and big lips.) Hell I like red heads strawberry nipples and feet...long and short of it is there is nothing wrong with being attracted by physical traits..it is only a problem when you are not honest about it with yourself and others. Not wanting a black woman dosen't neccessarrilly mean they don't like black people but they are not attracted to African (black) traits or features. For example I luuuuv African American features like the lips and the hips but mostly the fr<x>ame of mind.....in the same breath I have a serious vice for red heads....I do not know why... it just is..and I am okay with that..I hope no one gets offended...

Your cool.Keep your chin up,the right white guy is out there,when I was younger I was bashed for liking black girls,and over time I learned that the only two peole that race should matter too is the two in love.If you can faze out the silliness of the narrow minded haters you'll go far in life,wether it's in love,or business.

Hey....there are some good white men out there...there are some good black out there as well....I am black and I am attracted to both black and white men...I think whoever is gonna treat me the way that I deserve to be treated will be the one who wins my heart...I'm single and I have an eye for black men and white men equally. I say do your thang and just make sure that whoever it is loves you for YOU...not your a**, not your skin color or bragging rights...good luck! =)

I'm not sure how old you are, but in the 80's the trend was for black men to dislike black women...they did so for various self hating reasons. Times have certainly changed! I'm married to a white dude and have been for several years....good luck to you!

My parents joke with me like that. They say "oh you're going to mrry a white guy, I know it." and even though they kid, they do really expect me to and they are cool with it. So long as he treats me right and has his priorties in chat and believes in God or some higher power (My family isn't too open to atheists) regardless of religion, then they wish me the best. And that's all I ask for. Their blessings.

Totally makes sense to me. I am part of a transracial family. We adopted an AA little girl. She is the sunshine in my days. My biological daughter (age 16) has often like black guys. My husband and I sometimes joke that she will marry a black guy and our AA daughter will marry a white guy. <br />
I know there are differances in the cultures, but I think color is secondary to the true person. Be friends with...date...love who you want. Color is just a color.

Love your response. I'll be so glad when America is OVER the color thing. It is so tired and boring. So much more interesting to celebrate and embrace diversity, and that includes dating, loving, marrying, having babies, raising kids, and loving, loving, loving all of mankind.