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I May Be Black But I Like White Men.

There I said it. I am into interracial relationships. It's not that I won't give black men a chance. Some are very attractive. But white men (and I'm sorry to say this) have priorty. Unless of course the black man is Tyrese Gibson. That is one sexy Motha Flucker. I'll have your babies sweety!!! But for some reason, I just have this crazy attraction to white men. And this is sad because a lot of white men don't care for black women. I've seen people say "I'm looking for a girlfriend. no black girls please." and it just hurts me. They don't even give me a chance half the time. now I'm dating the guy right now (white) and I hope it works out. He likes black women and I'm thankful. I need a white man to like black women but i don't want him to treat us like we are 'the final frontier'. I don't want a white guy to get with me just so he can tell his friends "I got with a black chick." That's just as bad as not liking black women at all. I don't want a white man to want me for my *** or hips. I want him to want me for me. Even though white men are sexy to me, that does nto mean that I don't give other races a chance. Just like some of you men like light skinned black girls more than dark skinned black girls. It's an attraction thing. It catches your eye but it isn't what makes your dicision on whether or not you want to be with that person (or at least it shouldn't). It's merely the first thing that attracts you. After that, it's all about personality and level headedness. Does any of this make sense?
lilskyy lilskyy 18-21, F 69 Responses Oct 18, 2007

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Let's're begging white men not to see black women the same way you admit YOU see black men ? Yep, I get it, and it's very sad. There's a saying, "never make those a priority, who see YOU as an afterthought". Women (of all colours) need to learn those words---and live them.

Omg, I can relate to you so much girl. I'm a college basketball player, and I am so attracted to white guys. It's so crazy because my teammates or friends always be like so your racist against your own race, it's nothing like that. I have been attracted to white guys for the longest, I have no clue why, don't get me wrong I like some black guys. I feel like white guys feel black girls wouldn't date white guys. Ummm hecky no I love me some white guys. What do you think is a good way to let a white guy know that you are attracted to them?

Yes that actually makes perfect sense. As a white man the prefers black women (again the attraction thing). Black women are often times stringer than white/asian/hispanic women in several respects. But there are quite a few who have stereotypical/Bias opinions towards them or "don't want daddy to find out". In all personal honesty and experience the color of your skin means nothing of you as a person. It has nothing to do with how you were raised or your personal perspective. Though yes there are several differences between races. Hell, half the people I work with in the navy are black. Most of our electricians, utilities men and equipment operators are black. I often get caught up in "racist" conversation because I am not as boisterous as several of these individuals are and am seen as "the cocky, rich white boy that's too god for blacks".

Its are not insane. I love white guys myself and have been married to one for over 10 years. To me, white guys rock, they are just my preference. Good luck!

SidNTx is on a role!

Darling, if you are black and beautiful and don't mind the fact that I'm much older and married, please get in touch.
I just love beautiful women, those that are beautiful in body and mind, whatever their colour.
If you have time, have a look at my profile and, if you like what you read, I should love to hear from you.
Peter xx

Interesting. Because I'd love to date a black woman, but I haven't met many who would be interested.

Yes I love ebony females

I like your thoughts and reasoning. You will go forth in life very far, very sharing, and very happy. Don't settle for less. You like white men, don't be afraid to go after them. White men love being the target of a sexy, black lady. Trust me I know, I am one.

I personally never been with a black woman. I am curious about it though. I find some black women my age to be very attractive and a few to be total knockouts but they appear only to like black men.

Eh, idk. I kindof have issue with people who limit there dating scope by an entire ethnic/racial group of people. I've dated a ton of people of different races. My ex-husband was white. I am black. But I didn't date him because I had a preference for white men, I did it because I had a preference for HIM. There have been some dates that I didn't know what race the person was. I just think it's kindof ignorant to limit yourself to one physical thing or another when it comes to who you are dating. But thats just my opinion.

hey its all good and i feel you i mean its just your personal preference i aint mad atcha as a matter of fact im the same way i mean dont get me wrong sistas definitely got it goin on in a lotta ways but unless she look like beyonce or halle berry im not feelin em plus they gotta have brains plus they gotta be gettin $ plus they gotta be christian the funny thing is back in the 80 s i was so pro black all i needed was a dashiki i was a teenager then im grown now with a whole lot more experience and ive made up my mind im feelin women of other cultures but not black women i know that sounds crazy but i dont care hey if its all the same then we can be friends but it takes a lotta woman to make me swoon cause i been with different types ive been with the best of the best ladies need to really step up yo game thats all preciate ya lilskyy

White men were ALWAYS sexy as heck ever since I was a small child.

Then let the party begin! When you coming down to Texas? I would love to spend some time with you.


you aint alone i m black, but , i like every race of female but black women is that bad? hey, for what its worth, its just my personal preference from my own experiences

I like white boys too :)

So, may I ask ,where are you located? I love the picture? Is that really you?


Yes that's me

And I love black girls. Hit me at yahoo: SidNTx


And I am attracted to hot young black women

Hit me up sometime baby, I would love to spend some time with a hot black lady like you.

SidNTx@ the y

True, i do want to date outside of my race, not just white. i am not easily the person to walk up to a guy im attracted to and asks them out. ugh!!

i like all women regardless of racial background, id love to check you out, you sound hot any chance of adding me as a friend ;)

And hey more white men go for black women which its mainly the dark skin ones anyway the more white and asian women for us too lol go ahead white boys lol

Well that is why I date latinas they are more black and understand the black man then the black women smh all you black love being house niggas lol well more latinas for me

If you admit you date "out", too, why the attitude ? Live and let live. There are plenty of black women left who like black men.

You sound like you have a bad attitude. We all have our preferences. My preference is white and I am black. I like black guys but one of the things that puts me off most black guys is the constant use of the N word and the bad attitude, just like you have done here. Enjoy your Latina women, they are beautiful women.

im a white guy 28 and i love black woman especially older

feel free to ad me on skype for a chat: mokumhools

I am a white man and I adore black women,and, I've had some of the best sex with black women, but, also with asians .!

Maybe if you liked black men, white men would like you. It's a vibe. Anyone who prefers another due to skin color and not culture or proper upbrining has an issue.

I have heard black men and black women say how much they like another ethnicity over their own for some lame reasons. I think this only goes to show how shallow people are although they are trying to show how open they are to difference.

Black and white mix well together call me white boyz lol

I wish people would get over this whole black white dating thing. And find someone you can love. People who are always thinking in regards of complexion eyes wonder. I love women regardless of complexion. I'm more concerned about her upbringing.

I am a white man, dated black girls in the past, one girl was very black skin, I enjoy her very much as same with the other, guess I didn't see the skin color, but it the brain that I like about.

As I have seen,and enjoyed, posted in reply in this group, "Nigga please!"

Iam not sure really what to say but as a white male( that loves black females) from the uk it is nice to see black ladies that are in to white males think it is still a big-ish taboo over here but nice to see it does happen and lead on to getting marryed or at lest a strong relationship and not just se x

I agree, call me anytime!!<br />
White, Ranger Bob69