I cannot stand when non-African American people try to tell African-American people they can't call themselves "African-American". My ancestors came from Africa. The (majority) of my ethnicity stems from my heritage and my phenotypical genetic expression shows that fact. Now if your Plastic Paddy -self can tout a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt on St. Patrick's Day, in spite of being born 3000 miles away (in a "non-denominational" church), then I can call myself "African-American". In other words: Bish, mind yo business.
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i get why ppl would question that. i mean if white ppl can be called white and not European American then why are blacks called African American and not just black. like whats wrong with black? its not like ur erasing ur heritage when you call yourself black same way whites aren't when they call themselevs white.

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uhm lol this is a public forum where ppl can ask questions. u can choose to ignore or block me though if u can't handle a simple question though. People as in people who refer to themseleves or others as black and not African American. catch up l.

i actually dont believe that lol i asked a simple question. had u said its my choice to refer to myself the way i want to i would have hearted ur response and said i see but u got all defensive and assumed i was trying to attack you. i did not read most of the argument u and the other person had because I thought it was petty and redundant. I simply asked a question from my perspective and u took it to heart.

sounds like back peddling to me. but we cab agree to disagree.

Same my mom told me it's because you're African and born in America. Like all blacks can't be called black and we need to be born in Africa to be considered black but because we're born in America we are considered African American?

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Exactly. I will call myself what I please :)

No one has ever had the testicular magnitude to say I'm not African American