Freedom Not Socialism

If I wanted socialism I'd move to a socialist country. We are free to be as God intended and as our forefathers aspired. I don't want the Government to be involved any more than it was before. Free enterprise, freedom of speech, freedom of choice. The government should not be a big brother organization. Freedom of the press is non existent anymore. The people are starting to see how useless most newspapers and TV news have become and have turned to the internet for information.Because of the drop in readership there is a prediction that 10 major newspapers will be out of business by years end. (2009)

The government has tried to have too much say in the average American's life, when it doesn't even keep it's own affairs in order. Less and a smaller government would be better. Too many redundant agencies and too much fear mongering.

Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
4 Responses Mar 19, 2009

The news censoring isn't just restricted to the T.V. News papers have been censored as well. As far as the internet being a more reliable source which I agree. The Gov. wants to more strickly control that as well.They plan to do that by creating a second internet than can only be subscribed to by companies, research and developement firms and colleges( professors).<BR>It's funny when I work on a college campus, political science majors had access to T.V.programs like I've never seen before or since my departure from that employer.<BR>It's always been common knowledge that presidential press conferences have been scripted to stay away from questions the president didn't want to address. The tough and usally unanswered questions always appear in an editorial somewhere to die a slow death.<BR>I think everyone who is interested in real news is hard pressed to find it and looking at the 6 o'clock news isn't going to show you anything but Hollywood Bull sh_t. and your local newspaper isn't going to tell anything but part of story. Case in point as far as the genocide that occured in Gaza, my local newspaper hardly made any critical comments about Israel being guilty of war crimes, or violations of the chemical weapons they were using on the Palestinian people. I'm sorry but this was just a land grab by Israel under false pretense of a make believe war. Israel won't be happy until all Palestinians are extinct so no one can claim the Jews stole all the land that they occupy.<BR>Most people have abandoned the newspapers because there isn't anything but nonsense in them nowdays. If you lie by ommission it's still a lie.<BR>If the newspapers are going under maybe it's because of what they don't print (by censorship) makes the paper not worth buying anymore.They always get the sports scores right.<BR>So many people are just one pay check away from being homeless it's scrary. No time to worry about world.<BR>As far as going out to fix the world problems, you already competition there. The Government doesn't like competition.

Thank you. i agree.

The likes of news censoring has become out of control. In a T.V. interview a couple of years ago Connie Chung was answering questions about the broasdcast news. The interviewer asked her what stories were decided upon by news agencies and she replied, "First we have to clear the story with Washington". The next thing you knew, Connie was no longer a news person.<br />
So much for freedom of the press.