Not Against Abortion In General...but As Birth Control...hell Yeah! Let Me Explain.

When I was younger I use to work with this one girl.  In the 3-4 years we worked together, she had over 6 abortions.  She wouldn't use condoms or the pill.  Whenever she got pregnant, OOPS, she would go abort it.

I understand rape.  I understand health issues or being too young.  I understand being scared out of your mind.  It may be something I could never do, but I believe it's a good thing it's a legal option for women.

But when you use it as a method of birth control, you are **** UP!!   And it's just plain wrong!!!
ShatteredOne ShatteredOne
1 Response Jul 27, 2010

I agree 100% with your story. I also knew someone who did that and it made me sick...and still does!