Who in their right mind would get an abortion?
I mean seriously, even if your 16 or something around that age. It's just not right at all!
If God wanted you to have an abortion then He wouldn't have given you that beautiful miracle inside of you.
At least have the baby and give it to a family that wants it. There is no need to kill a harmless child.
Also I have heard of many woman who don't want the baby but go through with the pregnancy, they usually want to keep the baby.
So what would you rather do?
Kill a harmless baby or give birth to it and give it to someone who wants it?
Post your answers please...(:
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i know this is an old post but if it werent for abortion, i would have rather killed myself instead of giving up the baby for adoption. this because best friend was adopted and killed herself in her twenties. (much of this had to do with the fact that she couldnt come to terms with the fact that her biological mother gave her up)<br />
ever since i was young i did not want to have children. when i got pregnant it was great that abortion (of course as a last resort) was there. after that the doctors finally agreed to let me have my tubes tied (before i was 25) which i wanted before i had the abortion. <br />
everyone kept on telling me that i would later want to have kids. well i am almost 40 and still dont want kids. instead i have great career as an architect in sustainable building and help mother earth. i think that our mother earth is the one we should be most concerned about. the more people we put on this planet (mostly in richer countries) the worse she gets. <br />
i am so glad that no one will walk in my carbon footprint.<br />
needless to say i am pro choice.

abortion should be stopped.

Im sorry that, that happened to you princess... But everything always turnsout okay...Whenever youthink everything cant get any usually gets better.

Its horrible that so many children are in foster care or unwanted and end up having a bad and sometimes abusive childhood. I wasn't in foster care but my mom sure wasn't ready for a child and I dealt with so much abuse to the point where I have grown up with depression and anxiety. Do I wish she aborted me? No way. My life has turned around for the better now that I'm an adult and out of her control. A lot of people don't have a happy ending but to deny them the chance by aborting them is wrong.

I know that. But abortion shouldnt be used. Its horrible and barbaric.

Not everyone has a family that will take another child in. Abortion is not pretty, but it prevents a lot of suffering.

I agree. But it makes me want to cry when i think about to innocent children who only want to be loved and have a family but instead there being killed. Do those people care about it at all?<br />
Even if your young you can have your parents take care of the baby when you can't, or give it to some relatives. Abortion should be illegal. Its just horrible. It's just as bad as someone killing another persson. Don't you think?

There are already so many children in foster care waiting for a family. Not everyone has a loving supportive family that can adopt their children. Are you comparing gay people with pedophiles? I agree that abortion is a huge life changing decision and needs to be well thought out. I also think that life begins at conception. I also think that people need to be realistic about how many children would suffer fates worse than death if abortion were not leagal.

Well, the unwanted children should be cared for by someone or family members. Wouldnt you want to have a mother or father to love you? Gay adoption is perfectly fine as long as they dont use that as a chance to let there gay ness out. Women who still want an abortion should talk to someone about it and consider the question, "What if i was that growing baby inside of me?"<br />
How would you feel if you were going to be killed?

I have questions for you. What should be done with all the extra unwanted children brought in to this world? How should they be cared for? What do you think of gay adoption? What about all the women who would still want an abortion? One of the reasons abortion was made legal was so that women didn't get abortions in a back alley clinic and die. Us pro choice people aren't trying to have babies killed we don't want that to be everyone's birth control option. I wish everyone had safe sex and there was no need for abortion. Things happen. I have never had an abortion, I don't know if I could, but it needs to be an option.