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Miscarriage & Abortion.

Here is my story.

I had a miscarriage back in December of 2009 , My friend had an abortion...she tried to compare our situations...I did not agree with her.....Abortion & miscarriage are VERY different.

Abortion - a medical procedure in which a doctor takes a fetus out of the uterus.
Miscarriage - where you body rejects the baby.

One is what you decide the other is undecidable. 

These are not the educated definition they are mine but very similar to them. 

I was very mad at her for doing this , i had lost my baby unwillingly , i wanted my baby...she didn't lose her baby unwillingly , she did not want her baby
I know she regretted it but that still gave her no right to do that to me and what I was going through I did not argue with her I did not want to seem selfish because she knew she made a mistake a little too late but how is it a mistake when it is thought out for three months and you don't even think of the other side to things , i was considerate of her feelings even though i do not at all believe abortion is right....i don't know why if someone can have a baby they put themselves through that willingly i literally went through hell...Somebody even tried to tell me that a baby doesn't feel....when how would anybody know what a baby feels expect the baby itself?  It has a heartbeat so how does it not feel, anything that has a heartbeat is living, however I will never know if it does or doesn't feel in the womb I just assume the obvious. 

Now I was reading stories to the mother dieing at birth.....I read a story about a doctor who told his patient she was going to die when she gave birth to her child....if she did not terminate it , her mother had written this story for a reason this womans child was told she was going to die during the abortion there were complications and she died during the abortion....her mother had another doctor look at her...she was lied too , her and her baby would of been how can you trust what a doctor tells you?  How does one know the future if your going to die... which brings me to my other story.

A woman was told that she would die at birth yet again if she did not terminate the pregnancy.......
the woman took the risk....her and her baby had no complications at birth...they were both fine.
i really don't think a doctor should be misleading about situation like this...I honestly don't believe you know a person is going to die until it happens.  

This is just what I believe in if you disagree , feel free to put your thoughts on here, but please don't be hostile with me. 

there is good ending to this story I am now pregnant with a baby boy that is due in January...and I cant wait to meet him.
linduh linduh 18-21, F 4 Responses Nov 30, 2010

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Most people who miscarry know that it's usually something seriously wrong with baby. That way<br />
they needn't feel bad. If it's because of problem causing premature labor, it hurts but they usually are able to take preventive steps in future. With abortion there's usually nothing wrong with baby and it's a conscious decision. If it's their decision, guilt can be bad after they realize what they did.<br />
If it's under pressure or coercion from others, it can often be unbearable. More often, the latter is true. We need ways to make sure it's an informed choice and only by woman herself. Maybe this<br />
will prevent terrible grief afterward.

You're welcome. And yes, your baby-doll is in the perfect place, Heaven. God has a plan for him/her and it's in Heaven. Your baby was not shorted by losing this life. It just wasn't meant to be and God has more for him/her in Heaven. Think how happy your deceased relatives are caring for your bundle of joy, a newborn. They are blessed holding your baby. <br />
<br />
I am so happy for you that you are pregnant with your son. This is good for you. Have you picked out any special names yet? And did you know that names have a "meaning"? <br />
<br />
I'll share a story with you. I was violently raped 24 yrs ago and had gotten pregnant. I had my son and raised him with his 2.5 yr older sister as a single momma. It was tough but I was blessed immensely for doing the right thing. I named my son Nathaniel, because it means "gift from God". My daughter's name is Andrea, which means "song and dance." <br />
<br />
Give it some thought. It was such a gift to my son for me to tell him how special his name is because he's so special himself.

thank you!! god had a plan for my little one and it wasnt on earth.. =] thank you for your support!!!!!!!!!

Linduh, I am so happy for you that you are going to have your son in January! That's awesome! Great news! Yahhhh! Time for a party!!<br />
<br />
They say having a child after a miscarriage is the best thing to do for healing. This doesn't mean your first child doesn't count or isn't as real as your son is. This means that you are living in the present and not the painful past. <br />
<br />
You have to remember that God is in control and He took your first baby for a reason. This reason wasn't to hurt or harm you but to protect your baby. You will see him/her in Heaven and be able to raise him/her in the perfection and glorious presense of our Lord. How glorious is that?<br />
<br />
And you are right. Abortion and miscarriage are not the same thing. You had no decision, no choice in your unfortunate miscarriage. But God made you strong and He knows that you can handle such. God used you to bring your beautiful baby to Heaven. He used you and your husband/significant other to bring your baby into eternity. That's a blessing and an honor, young lady. An honor.<br />
<br />
Now I would like to make a comment about your friend. She was not being honest with herself about her abortion. This may have been her way to cope. Or she is just so in the dark, she doesn't realize what she's done. Either way, it's sad for her. Ask God to give you the strength and the desire to forgive her. You see, "forgiveness" is for you. You let go of all the negative energy and resentment when you forgive even though the other person doesn't deserve it. <br />
<br />
I have to share with you, several years back I regretably had an abortion. I was ill for years and a single mom of two beautiful children. I was so sick at the time of my abortion that I didn't truly comprehend what I did or was able to deal with what I did until years later when I was in a better state of physical health. When I was able to deal with my abortion, I cried to the Lord for forgiveness. His light was magnificent and His presence was glorious. His forgiveness was immediate and His love was unending. <br />
<br />
I named my daughter Love. I just feel in my heart I was carrying a girl and had to give her a very special name. In Heaven, there's no sin, no unforgiveness, no pain, and no financial worries. I asked the Lord if I could raise my daughter in Heaven. And immediately I sensed myself walking through the Golden Gates of Heaven with Jesus standing there to greet me. He is holding my daughter, Love, and gently places her in my arms. I will raise my daughter in Heaven where it is perfect as you will raise your child in Heaven. We will have a big party and love one another more than we can love today when on this earth. We will raise our children in Heaven. So beautiful.<br />
<br />
God bless you, Sister, and I pray for the health of your son and the healing of your heart. God made you strong. Thanks for sharing your story.