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To Abort, Or Not To Abort, That Is The Question.

Over a ten year period (1997-2006) the CDC's MMWR statistical data on abortions reveals that on average 825,000-850,000 abortions were reported in each year. That's ruffly 8,250,000-8,500,000 reported abortions in a ten year period. These numbers do not include the most liberal state, California. If California's numbers were included, I'd increase those abortion numbers by 50% alone, just look at New York's numbers and you'll see what I'm talking about- and that's predominantly due to the very liberal New York City and not the state.

These are just facts, and incomplete at that, due to the lack of reporting. To really understand the immorality behind abortions one needs to research the individual history, politics, and philosophies of the famous abortion proponents. To grasp the horror of abortions one only needs to become knowledgeable in the various procedures used to conduct abortions. I recommend doing both, it paints an ugly picture.

Accepting ignorance to paint the world in appealing colors doesn't hide the knowledge as to who's holding the brush -- Lixivious, 2011
Lixivious Lixivious 41-45, M 4 Responses Oct 29, 2011

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I agree whole-heartedly with you.

Yes I agree. As I said before in other stories, life begins the moment of conception and not at birth. The baby is alive in the mother's womb. His heart is beating and his mind is thinking. He lies there all cuddled and warm and at peace and kicks himself up now and then. Abortion is a sin! It is taking the life of an innocent child. If one is thinking that life is nothing more than a cosmic accident then there is no moral refference and what would it matter anyway. But I believe in a Creator God that looks down at us. I think it makes God sad and angry when he sees the immoralities of people in this current age. Just because something is legal by the standards of the world doesn't mean that it is right in the eyes of God. <br />
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But also realize that even though there are many women who realize that they are truly murdering their baby and they suffer a lifetime from their abortion, there are ones that don't believe an embryo or fetus is a baby. They are deceived and actually a victim of Satan two fold.

There was 6 million murders in the horrific Holocaust. That's a pretty big number. All innocent people killed because of hate. But take a look at abortion: It is now approaching 50 million babies murdered through the abortion industry, since 1973, in the US alone. The most common reason? Inconvenience. <br />
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Planned Parenthood isn't about planning, they are about MAKING MONEY, and that, my friend, is through murdering innocent babies! So heart wrenching.<br />
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Most abortions are conducted at 7 weeks gestation. Google 7 week fetus picture and see reality for yourself. It'll give you nightmares. <br />
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We live in a 2 second microwave society. Drive throughs, fast food, disposable everything from water bottles to cosmetic boxes. Our youth do not value life and figure that they will just have another one when they want one. So in the mean time, throw out the one God gave them now because it's inconvenient. Oh yeah, there's no God anymore, the atheist scientists proven that. NOT!

Yes, what an ugly thing for a supposed moral and advanced species to take part in. I don't think barbarians could even be this barbaric.