Abortion Should Never Be An Opinion

Even though i got pregnant at 15 , i never even thought about an abortion . looking at my kids now , i cant imagine them now being in my life . to me abortion just ruins your life because you never know what could of been , my twins are my life and as soon as u get pregnant , realize are not that baby is counting on you to take care of it , your a mom from the time you find out your pregnant and its up to you to do what is best for the baby , and killing it is never the  best . if you  know you cant accept responsibility then you shouldnt  have sex . I  never planned to get pregnant but when i did , i cried yes but then i opened my eyes and saw a bigger picture my babies were depending on me to do what is best for them and i know that when i look at them run and smile and laugh i did the right thing . Think about that !!! 
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WOW very well said, You sound like even though you were young, you had a good head on your shoulders and very mature. If you like you can add me.

but there are still time where is should be an option very sorry<br />
it should never be used as birth controli agree<br />
but for heath reasons it should be an option

Thanks for sharing your story. You are and were very wise for someone so young. I agree with everything you said.

even Christ is against abortion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good for you :)