I Am A Sinner

i have more sin on my head than 10 other people. But i am opposed to abortion in all circumstances except when in the opinion of a physician the pregnancy endangers the mother's life.

So the mom would be inconvenienced by the baby- give the child up for adoption. many couples are committed to each other and to their kids but cannot physically have children.

Every woman i have known who has had an abortion is suffering from it. They are in and out of mental institutions, they cannot keep a relationship or a marriage, they are alienated from their living children, they cannot hold a job... PEOPLE! we are NOT meant to kill children! Or really anybody for that matter.

Except one! One woman i know had an abortion in her early 20s. Later, on reflecting what she had done, and getting away from the male who talked her into the abortion, she went to her priest and confessed, and repented of her ways. She later married a real man, in the Catholic tradition, and has a great relationship with him and her kids. She went away from her abortion and back to God.

Think of it.

PS. Shortly before i got out of the Army one of the males in my unit confided that his worst regret was that he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant and had done (in his opinion) nothing to stop the abortion. That effectively ended his chances of becoming a father.

Think of it. Real life stories, real evidence.
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The idea of abortion breaks my heart. My experience is my biggest proof that it's wrong.

I totally agree When I was 4 or 5 my mother worked for an organization that helped to support women that chose to have the child as opposed to the abortion birth right i think it was called I would go to work I have good memories of that and I always have been in a firm believe at conception it is a child Recently a sisters teenage daughter was pregnant unplanned and partner was a piece of work. Raised the way we were my sister and husband supported her til no end and put it in God's hands God made a choice and took the baby and soul back to heaven And that is who should be in charge God i am not a bible beater but abortion is not an option baring those very extraordinary way out situations I

And by the way. You are free to have your opinion. But so am i. If you are for abortion, there are other groups to leave those comments in. Don't leave them here... i will delete them. i have the right to do that.