Erasing Mommy's Little Mistake

Pencils are erasable. Some forms of pens, crayons, and even markers are erasable. Pregnancy is not erasable. By having sex, you commit to the possibility of having a child. Even if it's a "rape baby." It's still a human life. You can't throw it away like a candy wrapper! I've had people tell me that having an abortion was "the best decision I ever made." How can you say that? You ******* monster. You worthless little *****. It's YOUR mother who should have gotten an abortion. How can you have the heart to KILL YOUR OWN CHILD?! And see nothing wrong with it! Once the baby is born, that's the worst capital crime. Why is it legal before birth? It makes as much sense as a law protecting your right to spontaneously shoot anyone you get into an argument with. Why isn't that acceptable?
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I wrote this story about a year ago. It's been a while, and I've had some time to think about my opinions. I still think abortion is completely, and utterly wrong, in every way, and NO ONE has any "right" to kill their unborn child. I still think people calling it a right or a choice is absolutely ridiculous. However, I've decided maybe abortion being legal is for the best. Here's why. Women can get abortions whether they are legal, safe and sterile, or not. If they want to terminate a pregnancy, they'll do it. Have you ever heard of the term "coat hanger abortion?" Most of those directly result in injury or death. I suppose it's better to have legal, safer abortions than to run that risk. "Roe VS Wade was not the beginning of abortions; it was the beginning of safe abortions."

Pencils are erasable. <br />
<br />
Some forms of pens, crayons, <br />
and even markers are erasable. <br />
<br />
Pregnancy is not erasable. <br />
<br />
----<br />
<br />
If pregnacy is not erasable,<br />
why is it possible then<br />
to swallow the anti-baby-pill<br />
or go into the forest<br />
look for the right herbs<br />
and use them?<br />
<br />
Looks like <br />
your claim<br />
is<br />

Do you support a woman's "right" to kill an unborn baby?

Do you support
the bad emotion
of raped women?

That makes perfect sense.
Yes, this terrible thing happened to me, and unfortunately, this baby came out of it... So let's make everything better and kill it!

It is your choice to keep the baby. But if an other woman does not want to keep the baby it is her choice. That is the difference.

Alright... You see someone in a parking lot shoot their newborn baby and leave it in a dumpster. That's ok, though. It's their choice. I truly don't see the difference. It's the same human being, just older.

Alright... You see someone getting raped in the TV and you think: "The world is cruel." But then you cook a meal for your family and leave the victim alone with her feelings of being abused.
That's ok, though. It's your choice. I truly don't see the difference. It's the same human being, just older.

That's irrelevant...

When you see life as most important, why not the life of the raped woman who got abused and now decides to take the anti-baby-pill?

People wait for years on adoption lists for newborns...

If a woman wants to give the baby free for adoption it is her choice.

I remember the case of a turkish woman who got constanly raped. She killed him, but said she wants to abort the baby or she kills herself.

Also... Why are you here? I don't go on to pro-abortion groups and look for arguments. Too bad others can't control themselves.

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Question: I thought that I was pregnant recently, but I know for sure now that I'm not... I'm 13. Only 13. I can't have a baby. I'm ill-equipped. I was scared about what I would do. My friends (12-15 year olds) all said "No, abortion is wrong, it's bad, and it'll hurt like hell, don't do it, don't do it..." but to me it seemed the only option. How would I go to school in the seventh grade at nine months pregnant? Some kid would bump into me in the hallway and that'd be the end of the second life I was carrying with me! I know now that I'm not pregant... But in this situation, would having an abortion be understandable? I was so scared because I wasn't sure...

No. Absolutely not. Could you live with yourself knowing that you killed your baby? I hope not... And the baby wouldn't be killed by someone bumping you. If you're worried, you can always arrange with a doctor and your school to be able to leave class a few minutes early in order to avoid crowds. You didn't get pregnant bc God knew you weren't ready. He wouldn't give a life to someone who wasn't ready.

Okay, I didn't think so. I couldn't really live with myself if I had done something like that. I was just really relieved when i found out I wasn't pregnant :)

Your hypothetical case is one of my examples of people using abortion as a typical birth control. It doesn't matter your age. If you have sex, with or without protection, you should have to live with the consequences.

Don't forget the silent scream video. Google it. This is one of the best, most passionate anti-abortion stories I have read for a while. Thanks for sharing.

While I would want to agree with you I just can not and here's my reasons...<br />
<br />
The world already has plenty of starving kids without parents, why bring another life into the world that isn't going to be properly taken care of or even worse not loved?<br />
<br />
Rape victims def should be allowed to have abortions, why would you want a child that will only remind you of a terrible ordeal?<br />
<br />
I'm with you abortion is killing a living thing, but then again so is stepping on an ant or swatting a fly!!<br />
<br />
Abortions aren't. Meant to take place later on during pregnancy more in the ealry stages when development hasn't begun...<br />
<br />
As far as it being a free pass, well nowdays it sort of has become that as young ladies know they can

Just get an abortion....but instead of hating abortions, hate the idiots who failed to prevent getting pregnant in the first place lol

Rape sucks. It does. I'm not denying that a bit. Things happen though, and if you're pregnant due to rape, you shouldn't have to kill the baby... It did nothing wrong. When you look at that child, you aren't going to see your attacker. You're going to see a beautiful miracle.

99% of abortions in the USA are a form of birth control and NOTHING more. What do you have to say about that?

Obviously development has already begun from day 1 when the egg is fertilized after that its growing. At 18 days the baby has a heart beat that's less than 3 weeks. Rarely do people know they r even pregnant at that point.

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I... Could go on and on about this topic. Most abortions are for selfish reasons, such as basically not wanting to take responsibility for your actions. If it were because of health reasons (pregnancy putting the mother's life in jeopardy somehow, etc), it would be almost understandable. There are too many alternatives to go with abortion for no particular reason. It's like a "get out of jail free card," which should not be applicable to this kind of "mistake." It physically sickens me. can this be justified?