A Life Is A Life

All right, look. I'm against abortion. If you don't like it, I understand. You can leave.

I hate how women use the phrase, "It's my body, I do what I want." I respect that it IS your body. But it's not your life you're deciding to end, is it? It's, in a sense, selfish.

This one woman I knew, would constantly barrage me and ask how I felt about about animal abuse, and people who kill their animals outside of the usage for food. I told her that I felt it was wrong, and strongly so. She tried to get me to donate or something to this animal safety organization of some sort. I figured that this woman cared for life deeply, because she was going as far as she could to help animals being abused and killed.

About a few weeks later, I saw that on one of her Facebook posts, that she supported abortion, and she called out and bashed all people who didn't, pulling the "it's my body, it's my property" card. I found this so shocking! She supports murdering an unborn child, but not animals? Isn't it the same with animals and their owners?

If it's the owner's, then they can murder the animal because they see it as a problem, huh? No. That's wrong and disgusting. He may own the dog, but he has no right to take its life. Give the animal away to a family that can take care of it. Or something!

It's the same thing with abortion. Just because, technically, you own it, doesn't mean you have the right to take its life, just because it's a problem and it complicates your life.

It's funny how people will come down hard on people who kill animals, but then support abortions. I'm not saying women who choose abortions are made of steel, and it doesn't hurt them. I know it does. But it's going to hurt to take care of an unexpected child too. It'll hurt anyway. Why not save the child's life? Take responsibility please. If you make a mistake, no matter how huge, sadly, you must deal with it. If I crashed a car because I wanted to be reckless and wild, I'd have to take responsibility for the damage, as well as any lives I may have taken. You can't just run away from your problems. That's cowardly.

Rape and such, those are different. It's probably 100x more emotionally difficult to deal with the fact that that person who raped you now has something of his in you. Oh God, I don't know if I myself could handle it. But I would still give birth to the baby. Yes he.. sired it so to speak, but the child is MINE. And it will live. To tell the child who his father is and the truth will be extremely difficult of course. Almost impossible. But I think it takes true love to put aside your own pain and raise the child, despite the way he came into the world.

Also, a sick child who may not live long. That goes without saying, that the child will live (at least for me). What if he's in constant pain or suffering, or whatever? Perhaps he wants to LIVE despite that! There are people with disabilities and diseases out there who are grateful that they've lived, whether their life was short or pain-ridden.

Anyway, that is how I feel. I am against abortion 100%, and I'm sorry if you don't agree. I'm not forcing you to. It's my opinion, and my moral values, although I do respect yours.
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You made some very excellent points. I am 100% against abortion as well.

i am in sister

Amen I thank you and millions of unborn babies slaughtered at the hands of the ones that were meant to love them applaud you..

Totally agree with you. Thank you for the post.

You're welcome!

You stole the words right out of my mouth. This is so true. You hit all the right points. Thank you.

You're welcome! :)