Used to Not Be Now Am

When I first started having sex, I used to think omg if i got pregnant id have to have an abortion. FOR THE SIMPLE REASON THAT I WOULD BE TOO SCARED TO TELL MY PARENTS. i would have ended an innocent babys life, because i was scared. thank god it never came down to that. i am so glad i never had to make that decision. i am extremely against abortion and honestly i feel it should be illegal. i hate liberals who say that we are telling a woman what to do with her body. no i am sorry WE ARE TELLING HER NOT TO KILL A BABY. abortion is an awful awful thing that unfortunatly is the cause of death of too many unborn babies.

if you cant love, afford, take proper care of, have too much going for yourself, whatever you LAME *** excuse is, dont abort. give your child up for adoption... give your baby the life it deserves. just because you brought the baby into this world gives you know right to take it out of this world. there are millions of women who want nothing more then a child to love, and yet they cannot have their own. instead of being a killer, give life and give someone the child they long and desire for.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

This is a very heavy subject. Personally what I believe does not affect me today. I am not for it. Sadly, many do so without any thought to wrong or right.