But It Does Go Both Ways You Know

To be prrrretty honest, the whol 'age' concept in general SUCKS, why should age limit ANYTHING, seriously theres like a 50 year old and the kickboxing academy and this club is mostly people in their 20s but this guy seems to have no joints at all with what he can do with his body, i wouldnt bother taking him on in a dark alley, the mans a ninja! me on the other hand I feel the burn just touching my toes during warm up lol

yeah people do get health problems when they get older, but thats just one thing, babies are born with plenty of problems too, i was born with a serious lung infection and came out blue as a smurf, then i had bad asthma and my eyes were screwed over with serious stigmatism in my infancy, but i dealt with it and in my teens those problems went away, im wearing glasses for this PC but thats all i need it for nowerdays.... i think its even rare that your eyes get better at all when you grow older

reason why im saying this is because why should people discriminate against the older folk when what has age got to do with anything at all? theres the fact you get wrinkles and your looks fade, ok but we still got milfs dont we?! as there are those both men and women who are unfortunate ducklings but seem to get better and better looking the more they mature, good for them...

however though it does go the other way, i get judged all the time, according to the comments and looks from the middle aged up, when im at work im some useless student who knows nothing about the place i work in and bugger all about life (well i can run the place when theres no management so yes i do and ive read a lot of literature and know about many cultures around the world) and when im out an about im going to stab everyone up and get drunk and puke and pee everywhere and generally f-ck sh!t up, hmmm yes because thats totally me -.- the cops always approach me and my friends giving us hassle, they should know better, and they wonder why they are frowned upon?
I dont let it affect how i behave, im social (as in ive learnt to communicate very well, not i like to drink my liver into a pebble and run around with only shoes on and a traffic cone on my head) i pick up things people drop, i call strangers 'sir' and 'mam' and so on...

tolerance and manners doesnt improve with age, ive seen it degrade in fact in some with bitterness, people will improve when they clean their soul, your time-bound body has nothing to do with it.... and a young person could discover a world of knowledge that someone of 80 would have never known despite how experience they think they are, if you were experienced, you would know the only way to survive is to adapt as everything changes, but how many ''stubborn old'' people do you know?

just some of the reasons why the whole ''age'' thing should just hold no significance whatsoever
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I absolutely agree with you. I grew up in a terribbly predjudice family. My children have taught me so much about acceptance. You sound amazing. Enjoy your life whatever you age. It is a gift. Best wishes.

Thank you for breaking the "hate on 'old people' " chain. <br />
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