Too Young?

ok when i first found this site I thought it was different from others, but half of this site is unveiwable because of my age. Seriously they even bleep out the words they think I'm not supose to hear. What is this the freakin Sunday comic pages. Right now i'm lookin at a spot that says "Check if this content is inappropriate for children under 18". I am under 18 dillholes.
lildevil11 lildevil11
13-15, F
1 Response May 18, 2012

The rules are supposed to be there for your protection. Those words that are *bleeped out* for you, are also bleeped out for me.......because I chose that option. Why do you feel the need to see the words that aren't viewable? You can pretty much guess what they are, if you already know them. This is not aimed at hurting you. If it is such a bad thing for you, you can go back and change your age group on your profile.