If i was the judge i woulda given m.vick 5+ years. All dog fighters deserve death. Bull fighters, horse abusers,cat nukers,gold fish neglecters,puppy tortures


they all need to die and rot in hell

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every word you's absolutely true.

What about the child abuse that goes on in every single public school every single school day known as 'bullying'.<br />
It is no less abuse just because it's not an animal and not the kids father doing it to him and yet no one cares about it.<br />
There are no rallies or TV shows or laws about it like there are about animal abuse.<br />
Some people are starting to talk about it but only when it is politically correct to do so like when the victim is bullied for being gay.<br />
But no one cares or is doing anything when the victim is bullied only because the bullies have found a smaller weaker victim to pick on.<br />
If everyone had the zero tolerance attitudes for bullying that they have for animal abuse, there would not be one kid bullied in school anywhere and all the bullies would in federal prison.