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Animal Testing

I did a school speech on animal was the best speech I've ever given because it was something I really believed in...I delivered so well and I really think I opened up a lot of kids eyes to the horrors of animal testing...I felt really proud that I was helping the fight to stop animal testing

123vonnie 123vonnie 18-21, F 2 Responses Nov 23, 2009

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Many gays will hate you for not wanting to do everything possible to find a cure for AIDs including animal testing.<br />
How about this: No testing on animals and absolutely no lawsuits against the companies if the product hurts customers.

You are right to be extremely proud of yourself. People often dont realise what testing means, that cosmetics testing does not just involve putting cream on the animal's skin, but means a whole group of animals must be force fed the lipstick or face powder until 50% of them die (the L.D.50 test). And the Draize test, where different agents are dripped into eyes pinned open so the animal cant bl<x>ink, it is degrading to humans for us to treat animals like that. Shampoo stings so much, but each new toilet cleaner is tested too - oh it makes me sick. It takes the animals so long to die the less poisonous the agent is, for instance lipstick is so harmless, masses of it is needed to be lethal. Sorry Vonnie, I have got a bit carried away as I feel as passionately as you do, I really want to congratulate you for taking action, and letting people know the truth. Forgive my rant, I've got a feeling you may understand. It just makes me so angry.