Documentary Called "earthlings"


Earthlings from Stephan L. on Vimeo.

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:( ******* ********...who give up on their pets!!!!

I'm one of those ******** for being a meat eater. I went pescatarian for a while actually but I failed at that because I wasn't serious enough about it.

Oh....I don't the meat eating. I am not all Peta. Just those people who give up on their Pets to the shelter. That is wrong in my view. It is a absence of duty.

I don't see how the two are any different. Meat eating is even worse because the animals are killed whereas the animals in the shelters have chances of being adopted by people who will take good care of them.
I don't like animal cruelty for any kind of animal.

We are made of the sun and the earth. We come from dust and go to dust. Our existence and the existence of all life forms is based upon the transference of the suns energy into our mass. All beings...spend their existence shift energy into mass. Cats eat mice...hawks eat birds....trees "eat" sunlight...we eat them all.

Eventually the earth will end in itself...or the death of our sun or a greater cosmic event and they all of the energy transfer to mass will go into dust. All us lifeforms on earth will end and then the battle for energy transfer will end.

But if we take a life-form into our sphere. And we don't require to eat it for our survival. We should honour our role as its protector.

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