Animal Experiments

I think about how sweet this sweet, gentle,dog suffered when students who were training to work in a profession that heals were told to break his bones and remove his organs. How they kept cutting him open and sewing him back up again until he looked like an old patchwork quilt then a dog. Most of all I think about how, when he had nothing else to give, he was put to sleep. And I wonder who could do this to a living being?

Who could look into those big brown eyes-see that tail wagging like crazy at the slightest sign of affection and not want to protect him from harm?
Its not just dogs that are being tested in medical training labs across the country.

Did you know?

Goats are having their limbs amputated with tree trimmers in military training courses
Pigs are being cut open again and again in medical schools to drain their blood and more
Monkeys are being injected with toxic chemicals in labs

Their is so much that you do not know about these poor animals and what they do to them in labs til they have no more to give and they are just thrown away like a newspaper to the trash. Or burned in a pile.

How can somebody be so mean and cruel? My heart goes out to all of them. I have cried so many times over and over again and I look at my animal and just love her like crazy. No way could I hurt an animal.

If anyone agrees with me please go to this website and check it out. There is more on there to know. There is also a petition to stop this cruelty to animals if you want to sign it.

I know I did and my heart is bleeding for them.

Just look up PCRM under StopCruelty
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2012

So true. Some people donate their bodies for medical research. That's their choice. Animals don't have a choice. My motto is if you kill it you eat it. Wonder how they would like that. They are mean and cruel. It should happen to them.

Yes Sir, Amen to that!

I agree with you. I don't understand why living creatures are treated so cruel. Why can't use one that have already died?

Its all wrong and i cant believe any human being could do this but it happens every damn day! It sickens me!