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"They Cut Goats' Legs Off"....Please Sign This Petition.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION......The U.S. Military is cutting off the legs of goats & pigs for absolutely no reason whatsoever.


A new investigation shows in graphic detail how more than 6,000 goats and pigs are intentionally maimed -- while they're still alive and many without adequate anesthesia -- in military training exercises every year.

The Department of Defense says trainers slice open live animals and saw off their limbs in order to train medics in how to treat human injuries.
But medical professionals, veterans and advocates counter that this kind of cruelty is no longer necessary -- and is, in fact, counterproductive -- when more effective human-patient simulators can be used instead.

Dr. James Santos is a retired Lieutenant Commander in the Navy and a physician.
And after working with real patients in the field and at the Naval Medical Center, he knows that operating on live animals did not train him in how to treat real, complex human injuries.

Dr. Santos started a petition on calling on Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to eliminate this outdated and unnecessarily cruel practice.

Video footage from the investigation is chilling:...... Goats' legs are cut off with garden shears and the goats moan in pain, showing that they have not been adequately anesthetized.

But worst of all is knowing that not only is this kind of animal cruelty unnecessary -- it could actually make medics less prepared to treat human injuries.
"Compared with humans, goats and pigs are much smaller," Santos says, "Their skin is thicker, and the anatomy of their organs, blood vessels, skeletons are drastically different."

These differences can mean that medics actually have to spend time unlearning what they know about effectively treating animals, or waste time translating from animal to human anatomy in the middle of life and death situations. Whereas human-patient simulators breathe, bleed and even have bones to break -- and allow trainees to practice treatments again and again until they get it right and are as prepared as they can be to save real lives.

(Fort Sam Huston is one of the military training bases for medics where this torture of live pigs & goats apparently still takes place....They say the barbecues at Fort Sam Huston  are a regular thing at the end of the training cycle when the medics eat their patients) 

To view  the Video and sign the petition go to ...
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Ill sign it where do i sign it??


I cannot watch the video but this practice sounds disgusting, and I cannot see what it achieves.Surely the military should be trained in human anatomy, and not resort to this. Consider your petition signed and I will try to get my non EP friends to sign too.

Muchas' gracias.

How sick can humans be??? I find a new answer every day! I will sign the petition, but could never watch the video.

Thanks if I can help by signing any other petitions against cruelty I gladly will. This must stop!

I tried signing petition ,unfortunately it will only accept if I put in a USA address and zip code,<br />
Sorry mate.

Signed petition thanks fot the information.

Uuuugh.<br />
This makes me sad.<br />
<br />
* (Thank you for telling us about this sick practice. This must end!)

I agree; it must end.

I will sign the petition.That is just sick !

Thanks..I hope other EP animal lovers will also sign the petition...They have over 60,000 signatures already, but want to get 75,000 before submitting it to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.