Listen, Please...

I was going to post this under Current Events but instead feel I might reach a more passionate audience here. This is something that should never divide us for there is no reason to do so--Cruelty to Animals. Now while I have said I would like to ship off all snakes to Jupiter, let me just take this aside a moment.
Fellow EP'er GoodogStay sent me an item on how Goats and Pigs are being used in teaching medics in the Service on how to to treat the wounded. What bothered me was that these animals were having their legs cut and were not really treated but suffered. I am all for treating our wounded and making them fit as possible without regard to expense for they are worth it but as a Society even a civilization I think we can do better than this. With all of marvelous technology today that is getting upgraded all the time, something like this with animals should become outdated. I know our Military is the Best and can do so much but I also believe that education as well must be up to the levels we now are achiving in other fields. This should know no Politcal boundries, our survival as people on this planet depends on such. I honestly believe just as we went to the Moon and back we can as well make gigantic strides in treating disease and the wounded without sacraficing animals. I am Not a meat-free eater, I admit I like a steak but we certainly can lessen the slaughter, in this case I feel (my own opinion) we can lessen this type though. I am sure many will challenge me but that is O.K.--Debate is good, but lets be honest, we can do better. I believe with our Military ability coupled along with Education--and no one should be denied one-we can put this practice back with Insane Asylums, Leper Colonies, and such into far past in history--We were ignorant then but there is No reason to be so now.Thank-you.
paddytram paddytram
56-60, M
May 6, 2012