"Gaited Horses" -petition

Since reading the story by gooddogstay about the American Military using live animals (goats & pigs) in training , I did some research on the net, just to see what other examples of terrible cruelty towards animals I could find. Amongst many websites I came across was www.care2.com. Please read their report on the cruelty in the Tennessee gaited horse arena. As a Brit, I hadn't come across this form of "entertainment", but we do have something similar in this country where the horse high steps whilst pulling a small carriage.

The aim of the trainer is to get the horse to make an exaggerated "high step" in the arena, apparently known as The Big Lick. It is HOW they get the horse to do this is what sickened me. By using corrosive substances (acid, mustard oil, kerosine oil, etc) on the tender area above their hooves, wrapped in plastic so it irritates the area even more, the horse is in so much pain, they "lift" their feet because they can't bear to stand. Chains placed around the area irritate the skin tissue even more.This practice is called 'soring' and is illegal, but some trainers are flouting the law. The video on this website shows men beating the horses around the head and body when they don't do what is expected of them, and shows the fear and terror in the horse's eyes as they are being beaten.

 Please watch the video, spare a thought for the poor horses and sign the petition. Thank you

Fredricka Fredricka
51-55, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

THANKS.I was aware of this but not the scope.How awful.Man would not have survived without horses,dogs or cats.