"broke His Knee Caps"

Many years ago as I was returning home from a friends house ; I came upon a man beating a little German Shepherd Puppy about 6-8 months old . He has a stick and was wacking this dog all over ....

I abruptly pulled over and grabbed my Louisville Slugger from behind the seat and ask him what the "he** he "Thought" he was doing . He told me to "F" off ....

Big mistake ! I took one swing and got him in one knee and before he could fall , I took a 2nd swing with the bat and scored a home run on his other knee . AS he collapsed on the ground ; I gave him a a wack across his back and left him writhing in pain on the ground.

I took the puppy to a vet and had him checked out ... then ; I tok him to a NO KILL shelter. I was informed that he was adopted out to a good home in the country where he would have many acres to romp and play on ... they had two boys , so he'd have friends to play with ....

Do I have any regrets ; NOT a one ! I'd do it again in a heartbeat .... What would YOU do ?
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Good job

Nice story!

Aww im so proud <3 I love german sheperds thank you for stopping that man