My Best Friend

Emmett, Emmy, Emmy Monster, the list goes on. He’s a 2-7 year old Manchester terrier. The vet was unable to determine his age due to him only having two teeth left. (Crazy? The can tell the age by the teeth) But Emmy is an extremely playful dog so I’m assuming he’s still rather young. He was my Valentine’s Day gift to myself from a Fostering Animal Program. He is very scared of men, has no idea how to walk on a leash, and as I stated before has 2 teeth (due to someone physically injuring him) he’s seriously a charmer with the ladies and children. I’m happy I was able to rescue this fine little fellow and provide him with a forever home. He’s the best thing that has happened to me in 26 years. He makes me smile, cry, and know what true companionship means. Now that I have him, I’m not sure what my life was like before. We are currently looking into some dog training to help him get rid of his fears so I’ll update as this progresses.
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I can relate so much to animals. I find that I am a lot happier when I am around them. I tend to bring them to as many events and outings as I attend. I post pictures like he's my child. Which in reality, he is my fur-baby. I've always had animals growing up, but Emmett is a different type of love. I feel like a piece of my heart was missing before him because I could honestly not imagine my life without him. He teaches me patience's and understanding. He makes me feel loved because as soon as I walk into the door ( it could be just from taking the trash out, or coming home for a 8 hour day) he greets me with the same response like we haven't seen each-other in weeks. I love what he's taught me, he's made me a better person and I'm so thankful for that!

It always amazed me how they could identify a dead person from their dental records - how did they know who their dentist is?!<br />
You are quite a sweet, wonderful young lady, This is very apparent to see right away, not even really knowing you, YET!<br />
Dofs, and all animals, give us unconditional love, which turns us into so much better persons. It has also been scientifically proven that animal owners live much happier, longer lives. I have been lucky enough to have animal children since I was 6 years old. A Collie dog from 6 - 20, three Great Danes at various times ( we mated our first and had a mother and daughter) when I met my soon to be ex-wife in 1972, at the age of 22, and for the pst 26 years, when my wife went back to work, 2 pair of kitties twice. Out current kitties are real brothers, "My Guy "Chai" Guy and My big, beautiful "Cash" Cat. They are almost 6 years old, and living with my wife as we are separated living. and I cannot have cats where I am currently. When I get into disabled housing, however long that may take, I will move them in with me.<br />
They are mine, as all our pets have been, because I not only feed and care for them, but I go out of my ways to play with and love them!<br />
Now, about that "girlfriend" thing.....%>) !!