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I cant imagine the horrors which our species has put the poor creatures sharing this planet with us through,and hopefully never will find out.When Ive seen evidence of our cruelty towards them is has upset me too much to carry on watching,and what I have seen,well,those images will never leave my memory,and are burnt into my memory cells.I abhor violence,but this subject is THE one where I would happily use it if it helped the creatures involved.When a species treats other species the way we have,then what right do the have to expect loving kindness from other species as "superior" intellectually to us as we are supposedly to the animals?
pedrohedgerow pedrohedgerow 51-55, M 3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

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Agreed, they say "pain reveals who we really are" but I think power reveals who we really are. As soon as someone has power and what they use it for THAT is who they really are. I think we can enjoy animals by letting them live where and how they were meant to.

Really Sad but I find people still go for hunting as one of their favorite pass time.

Its no surprise,the way the system educates people leaves people ignorant and very much at base levels of thinking and feeling towards other living creatures.Look what we are easily persuaded to do to each other.

Right. The chain of consciousness is spreading though, but at the grass root level. Problem is at the upper front.

We live in a time when the elite have within their grasp the means to remain in control forever,through technology the masses have no idea exists.And our rulers have no concern for us,just seeing us as units of profit,no more.Men with depraved minds mejhalak :(

Yeah, but enlightened ones do have hopes high. So, Cheers to them all, dear P.

Ive just tried to message you on your whiteboard,and send you a gesture (friendly!)but have come back here to let you know I love what you say here,and fingers crossed the change needed comes.I guess whatever transpires,its in the Creators scheme. :)

Yes, lets also keep working upon the needed change.

I simplified things for You now, dear one.

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Here in phoenix people go to jail for animal cruelty .Sheriff Arprio even redid a place to take all the abused animals they recue .HE has the inmates from jail {trusties} help take care of them . I hate it to .I cried once when I small child ,because my dad accidently hit a bird .

Good for that sheriff Debs,its a pleasant change to hear of a positive towards other species.An iconic memory I have,as mentioned above,burned into my memory,is of my father putting around 30 mice into a clear plastic bag then filling it with this day I find it hard to believe he could have done it,especially in front of me as a small child.