Feeling Strongly Against All Forms Of Animal Cruelty

.I'm not just talking about animals who in our society are our pet friends, like cats dogs and horses...I think all creatures deserve to be protected from harm.....especially from slaughterhouses.If slaughterhouses were made of glass I believe there would be very few people who would eat meat. If we were forced to kill with our bare hands all of the animals that we ate, we would become a society of more spiritually held beliefs. I do have respect for the Indian people who prayed to the Animal spirits and thanked them for their food. Their practices seem more honorable than what our society practices everyday.
I'm not sure why certain animals are less abused and harmed than others. I believe this is called speciesism and it's got to stop! I'm disgusted by our society that readdily serves up animals in celebration of holidays throughout the year. Gross!
Well that's my opinion~
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1 Response Dec 23, 2012

Believe it or not...I, as a carnivore, agree with you. I think that if modern people were forced to kill their own meat, there would be less meat being eaten. We don't need the amount of animal protein that is in our diet...look to the agrarian cultures that only SUPPLEMENTED their diet with animal meat if and when possible: no health issues related to the diet!